New The Batman Posters Tease The Dark Knight And A Terrifying Riddler

You may have heard that there's another "Batman" movie on its way, and that we're in for quite a bit of new footage to drool over to carefully and rationally analyze within the next 24 hours or so. You know, because we're adults! 

The upcoming Matt Reeves movie may still be quite some time away from flying into theaters all dramatic-like, as Batman has a habit of doing, but tomorrow's DC FanDome promises to be the place to be for all things DC-related. That obviously includes "The Batman" and, because Warner Bros. has first-hand knowledge of just how patient and measured fans can be, they've released two new posters from the film that show off both Robert Pattinson's caped and masked hero, as well as Paul Dano's creepy, "Zodiac"-esque Riddler. Check them out below.

The Batman Posters

The clock is ticking down until DC FanDome arrives tomorrow and gives ravenous fans an absolute flood of new superhero material for everyone to lose their minds over. Ahead of the buzzy and highly-anticipated "The Batman" panel that will provide a long-overdue new trailer for Robert Pattinson's much younger and fresh-faced Batman, the official "The Batman" Twitter account went ahead and dropped two new posters that put Batman and one of the main villains of the film, the Riddler, front-and-center. As has been the theme for the marketing so far, they're both very ... red. First up is the poster for Pattinson's Batman.

We know what Pattinson's Bat-voice sounds like and have gotten a brief look at his version of the Bat-signal (which is also a warning!) Now we're getting a head-on look at the silhouette of his Bat-suit, with the striking image of the bat symbol clearly the emphasis of the poster. It also appears to be raining, because no Batman movie is complete without some very sad moping during an atmospheric rainstorm.

And here's the complimenting image for the villain of "The Batman," Paul Dano's Riddler. His unsettling poster here gives us our clearest look at the obviously Zodiac killer-inspired aesthetic, teasing an even more grounded approach to Batman's rogues gallery than Zack Snyder's more comic-inclined films gave us. Between these new images and the quick look we received of Batman surveying a very normal-looking Gotham City, I wouldn't exactly expect a third act twist where Darkseid arrives to conquer the Earth in this movie, is what I'm saying.

The new trailer for "The Batman" arrives tomorrow during the DC FanDome panel and "The Batman" will finally land in theaters on March 4, 2022.