Women Is Losers Trailer: Simu Liu Stars In The SXSW Hit Coming To HBO Max

Marvel's latest super friend is certainly switching it up for "Women Is Losers," the newest film from actress, producer, and director Lissette Feliciano. This equally depressing and uplifting movie has Simu Liu (who you definitely know from "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" and "Kim's Convenience") acting alongside Lorenza Izzo ("Once Upon A Time In Hollywood"), Bryan Craig ("General Hospital") and Chrissie Fit ("Pitch Perfect 2") in a film that's based off of Feliciano and her mother's lived experiences as Latina women in America. And if you're struck by the title, you might want to check out the Janis Joplin song it's referencing.

You'll be able to catch "Women Is Losers" when it exclusively hits HBO Max on October 18, 2021, but until then, check out the trailer below and set aside some time on your schedule.

Women is Losers Trailer

As you can see from the trailer, "Women Is Losers" features some emotional high highs and some low lows all mixed up in a colorfully vintage style that pops right off of the screen. The movie tells the story of Celina Guerrera, a young woman living in San Francisco in the '60s, who falls in love and ends up having a surprise baby with a soldier heading to Vietnam. Guerrera works hard to carve out a life for her and her child, but the world she lives in definitely doesn't make anything easy — instead, the obstacles keep on coming. Guerrera is flanked by a series of foils, including her best friend Marty (Fit) and her boyfriend Mateo (Craig), but it's her scenes with her blunt, yet caring, boss Gilbert (played, of course, by Liu) that stand out in the trailer.

And while the film certainly has style and energy, it's Izzo's portrayal of the buoyant and scrappy Guerrera that is hands down the most impressive part of this film. As our reviewer Kalyn Corrigan said in our SXSW review of "Women Is Losers", "Izzo turns her character's inner monologue into movements and gestures. She moves with the poise of a dancer, her footsteps like explosions on slanted sidewalks, her shoulders swaying like the tallest treetops in the afternoon breeze. This is a star in the making, and the world would do well to take notice."

If you're looking for a smart and realistic film with a decidedly feminist flare, you've come to the right place. "Women Is Losers" might feel like the kind of movie you've seen before, but this iteration is more than worth your time.