Netflix Acquires The Video Game Developer Behind Indie Hit Oxenfree

Netflix gets what it wants, and it wants video games

The streaming behemoth isn't solely satisfied with producing and acquiring some of the most popular films and TV shows of the modern era — it's ready to take on new mediums. Does this count as disruption? I can never tell when you're actually supposed to use those Silicon Valley buzzwords.

Lucky for Night School Studio, they're the first game studio on Netflix's dance card. The game developer behind indie darling "Oxenfree" has only released a few original games, but they're known for their distinctive style and narrative. "Oxenfree," which is their most popular game by far, follows a teen girl named Alex who shows up at a party on an abandoned island that goes horribly wrong (or right if you want to party with ghosts). Another title, "Afterparty," features two best friends who are attempting to out-drink and out-party Satan for a chance to escape firey damnation, and "Next Stop Nowhere" is a space racer with chaotic road trip vibes.

I Medically Need a Bridgerton Dating Sim

Beyond their original content, they've also created a "Mr. Robot" themed mobile game set during the show's first season. While Netflix could be primarily interested in Night School Studio's other work, this little blip in their resume makes me wonder if we'll see some Netflix Original themed games pop up on the service sometime soon. The streaming platform already dipped their toes in the water with two "Stranger Things" mobile games that were only released in Poland for Android for reasons we truly can't understand.

We may not know if those mysterious Polish "Stranger Things" games will ever make it stateside, but we do know that Netflix has no plans to mess with in-app (or in-game) purchases or charge members extra for access to their upcoming games. It's a strategy that sets them apart from most of the video game industry in the best possible way (for now at least, never say never when it comes to capitalism). In another slice of good news, this acquisition also hasn't put a hold on Night School Studio's sequel to "Oxenfree." According to the studio, the simplistically named "Oxenfree II" is still chugging along.

If Netflix is taking pitches for turning their content into video games, I've got ideas. Give me a "Fear Street" horror game where you have to survive a night in the Shadyside Mall, or maybe a "Bridgerton" dating sim that lets you flirt around the ton, or how about a "Bojack Horseman" story game that just makes you really sad? I'll be waiting by the phone for your call, Netflix.