Attack Of The Hollywood Clichés! Trailer: Netflix Takes On Hollywood's Tropes With Tongue Firmly In Cheek

Where would Hollywood be without its many clichés? The meet-cute. The maverick cop. The spit-take. Sure, we've seen them a million items, but you can always revisit a classic — or so they say. Love them or hate them, these Hollywood staples are here to stay, so we have no choice but to accept that truth. And if you need a little help finding the fun in the great, overused tropes, Netflix is calling in some big names for a silly one-off special, "Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!"

Hosted by Rob Lowe, the special breaks down the familiar movie tropes, pokes fun at them and gets some expert analysis from those both in front of and behind the camera. You can check out the new trailer for "Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!" below.

Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! Trailer

"Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!" is coming for all your favorite cinematic chestnuts — no single trope is safe! Clad in a crisp, blue suit, Lowe jokingly speaks directly to viewers, introducing each cliché with the help of various clips and commentary from filmmakers, performers and critics.

The trailers shows off Andrew Garfield discussing the power of a great onscreen villain, while Dr. Hannibal Lecter wickedly grins at the screen. We get a glimpse of Florence Pugh raving about passionate movie romance, just as Rose's hand hits the steamy window in "Titanic." More than anything else, "Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!" looks like a silly celebration of Hollywood for movie-lovers of all kind.

The special brings together big stars, fan-favorite titles and the very tropes that inspire endless joy and just as much criticism. After all, whether they make you smile or groan, it all comes from the same love of cinema. Some of the other talent featured in the special includes Aisha Harris, Mark Strong, Andie MacDowell, Richard E. Grant, James King, Jonathan Ross, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Jack Howard, and The Lucas Brothers.

Here's how Netflix describes the "Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!":

A special featuring some of the most famous films, along with screenwriters, academics and critics as they guide through the funny, weird and controversial clichés which appear on the screens. Host Rob Lowe takes a humorous look at familiar film tropes – with expert analysis from the likes of Andie Macdowell, Andrew Garfield, Florence Pugh, Richard E Grant, Mark Strong, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Robert B Englund, The Lucas Brothers, Franklin Leonard, Daniel Pemberton, Jess Cagle, Jack Howard, Jonathan Ross ...and more!

The special gives airtime to everything, from the exhausting manic pixie dream girl discussion to tropes that film buffs will really appreciate, like the classic Wilhelm Scream. And for those not in the know, this might be the perfect opportunity to get informed without having to take any of it too seriously. "Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!" promises to be jam packed with commentary, trivia and hilarious anecdotes. 

If this is already piquing your interest, then good news — "Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!" is already streaming on Netflix.