VOTD: The Wilhelm Scream And Nine Other Reused Sound Effects In Movies

In the world of motion pictures, there is an entire team of people whose job it is to create sound effects. This work ranges from duplicating the sounds of the real world, such as shoes stepping on pavement or gun shots, to creating sounds like no one has ever heard before, such as the engine of the Millennium Falcon or a flying dragon. Most of the time, entirely new sounds are created for each and every movie, but sometimes sound effects from the past get reused as well. A video round-up of ten of them can be found below.

Here are 10 movies with reused sound effects from ScreenRant:

Some of them are obvious, such as the famously recurring Wilhelm Scream that can be heard in countless movies. It's basically an easter egg in every single Star Wars movie. People actually laugh when they hear that sound effect nowadays.

Others are just small tributes to previous films. For example, did you know that the shark in Jaws makes the same sound that the threatening truck from Duel makes when it has finally been taken out of commission? One of the sound effects I never knew about was the remixed version of The Jetsons car used for Kirk's motorcycle in Star Trek in 2009. On the other hand, any Star Wars fan's ears perked up when they heard the AT-AT lasers come out of Yellowjacket's suit in Ant-Man.

Are there any other sound effects you've heard repeated in the movies besides these ten?