Tiger King 2 Release Date Teaser: The Story Of Joe Exotic Continues In November

"Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness" took the world by storm last year while we were all stuck inside our houses trying to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic. But as we learned recently, the story isn't over yet.

"Tiger King 2" will continue the story of Joe Exotic, the fallen exotic animal zoo owner who may have had more scandals than he did tigers, lions, and other dangerous animals in his morally questionable animal sanctuary in in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Netflix has announced the release date with a tantalizing teaser, and we'll get to catch up with this truly unbelievable character very soon. 

Tiger King 2 Release Date Announcement Teaser

For those of you who maybe didn't get caught up in the "Tiger King" craze last year, here's the synopsis for the documentary series:

Among the eccentrics and cult personalities in the stranger-than-fiction world of big cat owners, few stand out more than Joe Exotic, a mulleted, gun-toting polygamist and country western singer who presides over an Oklahoma roadside zoo.

Charismatic but misguided, Joe and an unbelievable cast of characters including drug kingpins, conmen, and cult leaders all share a passion for big cats, and the status and attention their dangerous menageries garner. But things take a dark turn when Carole Baskin, an animal activist and owner of a big cat sanctuary, threatens to put them out of business, stoking a rivalry that eventually leads to Joe's arrest for a murder-for-hire plot, and reveals a twisted tale where the only thing more dangerous than a big cat is its owner.

As for "Tiger King 2," the teaser doesn't really tell us much of what will be covered in the follow-up. But we do get to see a video call with Joe Exotic, who is still serving a prison sentence for the crimes revealed in the original "Tiger King" documentary. We're also not sure if this will be episodic or if it will be more of a feature-length sequel instead. There's already a special that caught up with the subjects of "Tiger King," but there have been plenty of developments since then, and Netflix has promised more madness and mayhem.

With the original series being watched by over 64 million households in the first month of its release in the spring of 2020, "Tiger King 2" will undoubtedly be a highly-anticipated continuation of this strange and unsettling story. However, will the excitement be as high after all this time? After all, the project that was meant to star Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic at Amazon has been shelved, so maybe interest has waned. 

We'll find out when "Tiger King 2" arrives on Netflix on November 17, 2021.