Warriors! Come Out To Play ... This New The Warriors Board Game

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How has it taken this long to get a "The Warriors" board game? I know Walter Hill's 1979 action movie is a bit of a cult title and doesn't carry the cache of something like "The Thing" or "The Shining," which have previously gotten the tabletop treatment, but still! The whole set-up for the movie is essentially a board game itself.

One group of hoodlums has to traverse the boroughs of New York and each area has a unique hostile gang wanting to kill them. The film starred Michael Beck, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly and the great Lynne Thigpen (who plays essentially just a set of lips in this movie), but most kids of my generation remembers as The Chief from "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" 

"The Warriors" was essentially a video game movie before the mini-boss trope became a thing, and this structure is easily adaptable for tabletop. So it makes total sense that a board game was just announced.

"I Want All The Warriors"

Funko is the mastermind behind this board game adaptation and just announced that it is available for pre-order today for $24.99, with a February 2022 scheduled release date.

It looks to be a Cooperative Survival Game (ala "Gloomhaven" or "Betrayal at House on a Hill") where you and up to three other friends take a choice of one of eight Warriors to wind their way through New York and back home to Coney Island.

One thing a game like this can do is drag on unnecessarily, but it seems like this one aims to have a quick 45 minute per run, which means you could bang out a few runs in a game night without making things too long and convoluted.

Can You Dig It?

The art style is really sweet. I really dig the new illustrations of all the various rival gangs. Of course, I instantly scanned for The Furies to see how my beloved baseball hooligans turned out and they got the royal treatment. All the miniatures look neat, the cards look rad, the board fits into "The Warriors" feel, so I guess it's all down to how well it plays. As a movie geek who dabbles into the tabletop world from time to time, this one certainly has my curiosity.

Also of note, the game is designed by Prospero Hall, who worked on the Universal Monsters game "Horrified" and the "Jaws" board game, so the pedigree is there. Fingers crossed the game lives up to the art we've seen so far!

Now if we could just get a nice blu-ray or 4K upgrade for the original theatrical version of the film, we'll really be set.