Hawkeye Trailer Breakdown: Christmas Comes With A Bow And Arrow

Marvel Studios released the first trailer for the upcoming "Hawkeye" series on Disney+ this morning, and it's clear we'll be getting festive with Clint Barton. Unfortunately, it appears spending the holidays with his family may be harder than anticipated when he suddenly has to help out a young archer named Kate Bishop, who has gotten herself in a bit of trouble after posing as Hawkeye's deadly alter ego, Ronin. Find out about all that and more in our extensive "Hawkeye" trailer breakdown below.

Christmas in New York City

When Hawkeye debuts on Disney+ in November, it will be just before Thanksgiving on November 24. So there's no time better to give us a Marvel Studios show that takes place around the holidays. Clearly it will be Christmastime with the Empire State Building lit up in green and red with the candy cane-striped tower. Then there's all the snow falling, and it will just be a magical time. Well, unless you're part of the Barton family.

Barton Family Dinner

Hawkeye and his children are enjoying a nice family dinner at a Chinese restaurant. As his daughter jokes, it's the first Christmas they've had together in years, and that's because Clint's entire family was dusted away when Thanos snapped half of the universe out of existence. However, we're wondering why Clint's wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) isn't there for dinner. Has the couple had a falling out in the aftermath of The Blip? It would be rather cruel to have Hawkeye go through all that hell and mental anguish just to get separated from his wife. 

Rogers: The Musical

In addition to family dinner, Clint takes the kids out some interesting entertainment. It looks like the life of Steve Rogers as Captain America has been turned into a Broadway show called "Rogers: The Musical." Don't get too excited though, because it looks pretty terrible, but we'll get to that later.

I'll Be Home for Christmas

When someone posing as Clint's alter ego Ronin is spotted on the evening news, he takes it up himself to figure out who this person is and what they're up to. Clint's daughter asks if they should be worried, but he reassures her that it's not a big deal and he'll still be home for Christmas. That would seem to imply that things are okay in the Barton family, but that doesn't explain why Laura wasn't at dinner with the rest of the family.

There's another interesting detail to note here as well. If you look in Clint's ear, you'll see what appears to be a hearing aid. This would seem to hint at the inclusion of a detail from Marvel Comics where Hawkeye starts to lose his hearing. Then again, there's also the chance that this is just a tactical earpiece, though we're not sure who he would be communicating with on the other end, so we're thinking it's the hearing loss storyline being incorporated into the series. It would also give Clint a good reason to get out of the game once and for all, giving another archer an opportunity to step up.

Phony Ronin

Speaking of another archer, that's exactly who has been masquerading on the streets as Ronin, the deadly vigilante identity taken on by Clint Barton when he was at his darkest and lowest point following the events of "Avengers: Infinity War." It appears the phony Ronin has been caught by some unsavory characters in a van. Thankfully, Hawkeye shows up and dispatches with them quickly, much to the shock of the fake Ronin in question, who is none other than Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop.

The World's Greatest Archer

Kate Bishop comes straight from Marvel Comics, where she's essentially an apprentice for Hawkeye. She says that some have referred to her as the world's greatest archer, but that might just be Kate trying to build herself up to her hero. We're not entire sure what she's doing with that tennis ball arrow, but it brings down a bell tower in a destructive fashion. If that's what she was trying to do, then mission accomplished, I guess.

Tracksuit Draculas

Fans have been wondering who the villain in the Hawkeye series will be, and now we have at least some idea of who will be giving Hawkeye and Kate Bishop trouble. In Marvel Comics, there's a criminal organization known as the "Tracksuit Mafia," which Clint also refers to as the "Tracksuit Draculas." They're not vampires or anything, but it's just a name Clint gives them, maybe because of their Russian accents reminding him of Dracula's signature Transylvanian dialect. But wouldn't it be cool if they turned out to be vampires as a way of leading into Marvel's new "Blade" movie? Anyway, they're criminals, and they're wearing tracksuits, and they're pissed at Kate Bishop, likely for messing up some of their nefarious activities.

Fall into 30 Rock

This shot shows Hawkeye trying to ride a zip line from one of the skyscrapers in the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, but falling into the giant Christmas tree in the center of the area. As we'll see later, it looks like there's a big confrontation that will be unfolding in this festive part of NYC. Anyone else getting "Die Hard" vibes with sequences like this?

Nice Ice Packs

Clint Barton certainly seems to be getting too old for this sh*t. On top of potentially losing his hearing, Clint is seen icing down his body with frozen margaritas in bags. It would appear all of his joints are aching, and that just gives us another sign that Hawkeye might be ready to call it quits when all is said and done.

Mother Knows Best

Here's our first look at Vera Farmiga in "Hawkeye." The actress from "The Conjuring" franchise is playing Kate Bishop's mother Eleanor. Surely, I'm not the only one who thinks that this character looks like she'll be revealed as a villain in the series. It would make for a familiar comic book twist by having a new hero's parent revealed as the main villain. Plus, there have been rumblings about the Marvel Comics villain Madame Masque being involved in the series, and Farmiga's look her certain fits that character's style in the comics. Perhaps she could even have ties to Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). After all, she's the one who sent Natasha Romanoff's adoptive sister Yelena Bolova after Hawkeye in the post-credits scene of "Black Widow."

Rogers: The Musical (Reprise)

Here's another look at "Rogers: The Musical," which looks cheesy and cheap as hell. Hulk is created with face paint and a green hoodie. Wow! Those Chitauri costumes look pretty terrible too. We can't wait to hear how awful the music is going to be in this faux musical. Maybe Marvel Studios can fully produce it as a Disney+ special.

Pizza Dog! Good Boy!

Look at that good boy! That's Pizza Dog. Originally belonging to the Tracksuit Mafia, the dog is injured and discarded by the criminal organization after he attacks one of their men in an effort to repay kindness shown to him by Clint. In the comics, he's left without his left eye, and the series has carried over that tragic but adorable little detail here. Clint takes in the dog and renames him Lucky in the comics, but we'll see if that name sticks in the series. Oh, and he loves pizza.

Ronin and the Renaissance Fair

Ronin appears to be taking a break from brutal murders of crime bosses to hang out with some people at a renaissance fair. He's welcomed with cheers in the crowd, but we're betting that's not Clint suited up as Ronin. More than likely, it's Kate Bishop, and these are her people. What better place to show off her archery skills then at this gathering of geeks?

Hawkeye Plays Around

Another reason that we think Clint isn't in his Ronin gear is because of this shot immediately after that shows him renaissance fair gear, play-fighting with some of the other faux warriors. My guess is that Clint accompanies Kate to the renaissance fair and has a bit of fun with the attendees. That should be a very enjoyable sequence.

Echo is Here

Here's another glimpse at a new character. Alaqua Cox is playing Maya Lopez, AKA Echo. In Marvel Comics, Echo is the adoptive daughter of Kingpin, who took her under his arm when she was a young girl, after killing her father, a Cheyenne gangster. There have been rumblings that Vincent D'Onofrio might make his proper MCU debut as Kingpin in this series, reprising the role from Netflix's "Daredevil" show, but we're not sure if that's just wishful thinking. Seeing Echo in this shot would seem to indicate that she might be an adversary in "Hawkeye." But since she's supposed to get her own series on Disney+, that might not last for long.

On Thin Ince

In this shot, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop appear to be on the ice rink in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza. It seems like there will be a big action sequence playing out here involving the Tracksuit Mafia. The only question we have is who is pulling the strings of this band of criminals? Is it Kingpin, or will there be a new dangerous villain introduced?

Dangerous Arrows

A chase sequence features Hawkeye driving while Kate Bishop tries to dispatch with a Trust a Bro Moving Company van chasing them. This is likely a front for the Tracksuit Mafia. In Marvel Comics, the gang is constantly referring to each other as "bro," so much that Hawkeye starts referring to them as "Bros." It looks like they'll be missing one of their vans after Kate blows it up with one of Hawkeye's dangerous arrows, and it's not even the most deadly one he has in his quill.

This may only be our first look at "Hawkeye," but it's a promising one. The festive feeling makes it stand out from the rest of Marvel's fare, and we can't wait to see how this ties into what's going on in the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

"Hawkeye" debuts on Disney+ starting on November 24, 2021.