Vacation Friends Sequel Schedules Another Trip, Director And Cast Returning

Returning home from vacation is always a bummer. You know what helps though? A second vacation! Unless the first wasn't nearly as fun as you hoped ... but on the bright side, John Cena will be there!

After premiering on Hulu this past weekend, "Vacation Friends" became the most watched original in its opening weekend. Deadline reports that 20th Century Studios is riding the wave of this success, having already confirmed plans for a sequel. Titled "Honeymoon Friends," the followup sees the return of writer-director Clay Tarver, along with the main cast reprising their roles.

Hulu released few details about the record-breaking weekend for "Vacation Friends," but we do know that the crown for most-watched opening weekend has jumped between a few recent titles in the past year. The record was previously held by time-loop comedy "Palm Springs," before the suspense thriller "Run" stole its title. Now "Vacation Friends" reigns supreme as the biggest opening weekend the streamer has had to date. So when it comes to the sequel, a certain question hangs in the air: will it also premiere on Hulu? And will it be popular enough to claim the title once more?

It wouldn't be completely out of the question for "Honeymoon Friends" to hit theaters instead — the sequels release is still some time away and the studio certainly has options. Between the unexpectedly high viewership for "Vacation Friends" and the success of "Free Guy," things are looking good for 20th Century Studios. Despite the hesitation to return to theaters and the millions of streaming services now saturating the space, they're having lots of recent success with audiences.

Honeymoon Friends Was Inevitable

However mixed the reviews, it seems people can't say no to a buddy comedy where a spiky haired John Cena gets to be on drugs. Honestly, Cena's never a hard sell, and certainly not when working alongside the comedic genius of Lil Rel Howery. 

"Vacation Friends" pairs Howery with "Insecure" star Yvonne Orji, as Marcus and Emily, a couple trying to enjoy a romantic week-long getaway in Mexico. Their plans are quickly derailed by the wild, obnoxious presence of a thrill-seeking couple, Ron (Cena) and Kayla (Meredith Hagner). From there, drug-induced madness ensues. Then, after the wild vacation, Marcus and Emily are horrified when their new "friends" crash their wedding months later. It's all pretty familiar: straightlaced personalities clashing with intense rowdiness, giving us a typical raunchy comedy.

In retrospect, this movie pretty much has a sequel built into its design — the film starts with Marcus and Emily trying to have a simple, romantic week together and ends with their wedding. Naturally, Kayla and Ron would interrupt their honeymoon for more of the same chaos.