'Run' Breaks A Hulu Record To Become The Most-Watched Movie In Its Opening Weekend

Run, the newest film from Searching director Aneesh Chaganty, has already broken a couple of records for Hulu.

A new report says the suspense thriller, which is about the increasingly fraught relationship between a mother (Sarah Paulson) and her teenaged daughter (Kiera Allen), has become the most-watched feature title ever during its opening weekend, taking the crown from the time loop comedy Palm Springs. Find out about a second Run Hulu record below.

This is slightly confusing, so bear with me. Both the verbiage of Sarah Paulson's tweet and the text in the image she shared seems to proclaim that the total number of people who have watched Run is higher than the number of people who have watched any given movie on the platform during Hulu's entire history. That seems almost statistically impossible, given that Hulu debuted in 2007 and Run has only been out for a few days.

According to Deadline, Run earned more viewers during its opening weekend than any other movie did during their respective opening weekends on Hulu. "Through the pic's first three days beginning on November 20, Run beat not only all previously watched Hulu Originals Films, but also licensed SVOD film titles," Deadline says.

Update: Hulu has just confirmed that the Deadline information is correct. Our original article continues.

Of course, this wouldn't be so needlessly confusing if Hulu would just release actual numbers of how many people watched the movie. But without any compelling reason to release those numbers, they have no incentive to freely offer them up for dissection. The days of understanding how many people watched something through relatively straightforward box office tallies seem to be all but over. So we're left in the frustrating position of having to take these companies at their word with no evidence backing up their claims.

Oh, by the way: Deadline says Run also set a record as "the most talked about Hulu Original Film to date on Twitter." One specific person doing some chatting about the film on that social media platform was none other than Stephen King, whose story Misery was a huge inspiration for Chaganty and producer/co-writer Sev Ohanian when crafting their movie:

But hey, this gives us another opportunity to recommend that you watch Run, because it's a very solid thriller and a great time at the movies. And once you do that, be sure to read our interview with the filmmakers and our article about the movie's easter eggs and cameos.