Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho Is "A Very Well-Directed Acid Trip," Anya Taylor-Joy Teases

"Last Night in Soho" has found its way onto many a film fan's radar and for very good reason. Anya Taylor-Joy's meteoric rise as a movie star largely began with 2015's "The Witch," putting her on the map as a highly capable lead with a commanding screen presence. Her first collaboration with filmmaker Edgar Wright will mark a return to horror for the actor and a dramatic change of pace for Wright himself, primarily known for his high concept comedies like the "Cornetto Trilogy" or the nonstop thrill ride of "Baby Driver."

Taylor-Joy is also proving herself to be a talented marketing guru as well, talking up many of the exciting projects currently on her schedule and, in particular, providing some enticing details of what to expect with "Last Night in Soho."

"A Very Well-Directed Acid Trip"

After her performance as Beth Harmon on Netflix's 1960s-set "The Queen's Gambit" truly brought the actor into the mainstream, Anya Taylor-Joy is sticking around in a similar time period for "Last Night in Soho." That's about where the similarities end, however, as the Edgar Wright film has all the makings of a much darker and even more intense thriller. As part of a much larger profile with the UK-based Tatler magazine, Taylor-Joy sums up the experience in the most glowing terms that she can: as "a very well-directed acid trip." Taylor-Joy reveals that she's been attached to the script since she first met Wright in 2015 and that Wright's inspiration for the film came from walking around London, gazing at once-luxurious buildings that have since fallen into various states of disrepair.

"Our version of London is presenting you with the fine line between downtown where your dreams will come true and a full-blown nightmare that is difficult to get out of."

"We've all had moments when we've been at a party, met somebody and thought, "Oh, this is wonderful, this person is really kind and we're really vibing," and then seven hours later you're like, 'Oh, this person's horrible and I no longer want to be in this situation.' "

Taylor-Joy's clearly got her talking points down perfectly, all but referencing the famous Petula Clark song "Downtown" that her character sings in the trailer for the film. Since she plays a 1960s singer, that became an integral part of the role and one that the actor didn't shy away from. When asked how nerve-wracking the experience of actually having to sing was for her, she answered,

"It was on the day, for sure. There's something pretty naked about singing. There were definitely some nerves, but I've always sung and I enjoy doing it."

"I'm not great at preparing for things, so I just showed up and was like, 'OK, let's just try this, hopefully they won't hate it.' It's been nice hearing the reception to it. I like creepy singing, it's an enjoyable thing to do!"

The rest of the profile goes deep on Taylor-Joy adjusting to her newfound stardom, as well as the highly-anticipated projects that she'll be busy with for the time being. As for "Last Night in Soho," it will first premiere at the Toronto FilmĀ Festival in September before its exclusively theatrical wide release on October 29, 2021.