'SmartLess' Documentary Series Will Follow Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, And Sean Hayes On Tour

The SmartLess podcast, co-hosted by actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes, is getting its own docu-special.

SmartLess Is Quite Smart, Actually

The podcast has gained a large following in part because of the premise. In each episode, one of the hosts reveals a mystery guest to the other two and the conversation ensues. Previous guests include Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Banks, and George Clooney. SmartLess also consistently ranks as one of the top downloaded comedy podcasts.

The success of the endeavor has caused Bateman, Arnett, and Hayes to take their show on the road. In February 2022, the three will go on a North American tour where they'll interview famous people live and in person.

Discovery+ Will Air the Special

To supplement this tour, Deadline is reporting that Discovery+ has greenlit two 75-minute specials that follow the SmartLess gang. In addition to having clips from the tour, the special also promises to have behind-the-scenes footage of the three as they journey from city to city.

Lisa Holme, Group SVP of Content and Commercial Strategy for Discovery, Inc., released a statement expressing her excitement for the two-part docuseries:

"Jason, Sean and Will are three absolute legends who have accomplished so much in this industry — from comedy to drama, on the stage and to our screens. As they are now conquering the world of podcasts, we're excited to show an entirely new side of them in this docuseries, where we will have incredible access to all the behind-the-scenes moments from what is sure to be an insightful and hilarious tour. And to all the 'SmartLess' fans: please know we're still working on the deal for Tracey from Wisconsin."

For those who aren't in the know, "Tracey from Wisconsin" is the phrase the co-hosts use when they try to explain Hollywood-speak in a way that anyone — even those well-removed from Hollywood like "Tracey from Wisconsin" — would understand.

Given the popularity of SmartLess and the charisma of the three hosts, I've little doubt the special will be equally as entertaining as the podcast. Who the mystery guests will be on the tour, of course, remains a mystery. Folks in Toronto, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Madison, and Los Angeles, however, have the option to see the tour live and find out for themselves.

We don't have a specific date yet as to when the two-part special will air, though Deadline states it will premiere sometime in 2022.