'Cobra Kai' Season 4 Teaser Confirms More Karate Drama Is Coming In December

The fourth season of Cobra Kai was already teased in a big way with the return of The Karate Kid Part III villain Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). Now Netflix is getting the hype rolling again with a new All-Valley Karate Tournament trailer that shows just a few snippets of footage from the upcoming new season. So fasten your gi and tie your belt, because it's time for the real pain to begin. Watch the Cobra Kai season 4 trailer below.

Cobra Kai Season 4 Trailer

The Cobra Kai season 4 trailer looks like it was created to grab attention during the Olympics, presumably during one of the karate competitions. Not only does it use footage from The Karate Kid's famous final fight, but it also provides a kind of roll call for the show's cast with only a tease of the fourth season's continuation of the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

However, as Cobra Kai fans know, that rivalry is becoming a little less contentious as Daniel and Johnny have been forced to team up to take down the Cobra Kai dojo, which is now in the hands of former sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove). And since we know he'll be teaming up with his old war buddy Terry Silvers, Daniel and Johnny are going to need to put aside their petty karate squabbles to deal with these two taekwon-douchebags. (For the record, we know karate and taekwan-do are very different, so don't send e-mails, letters, postcards or glitter bombs.)

New Footage, But No Specific Release Date

There are a few details worth noting from the quick flashes of footage that come from the forthcoming episodes. First, we can see Miguel (Xolo MaridueƱa) out of his hospital bed and training with Daniel again, likely still finding his footing. There's an encouraging fist bump between Daniel and Johnny to solidify their rivalry being put on hold for the time being. Johnny also appears to be getting a montage moment as he breaks a cement brick with some old school headphones on. And finally, there's a close-up on a silver ponytail being put up, and we all know what that means.

Unfortunately, there isn't an exact date provided in the new Cobra Kai season 4 trailer, but Netflix does tease the show's return for sometime in December. We'll likely get a more firm date as the holiday season gets closer, and maybe fans will have a new season of Cobra Kai to unwrap for Christmas. Then you can use the Christmas money you got to repair the lamp you'll inevitably break by karate kicking for joy.

Here's the official synopsis for Cobra Kai season 4:

Cobra Kai takes place over 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament with the continuation of the inescapable conflict between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

Season 4 finds the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang dojos joining forces to take down Cobra Kai at the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament... and whoever loses must hang up their gi. As Samantha and Miguel try to maintain the dojo alliance and Robby goes all in at Cobra Kai, the fate of the Valley has never been more precarious. What tricks does Kreese have up his sleeve? Can Daniel and Johnny bury their decades-long hatchet to defeat Kreese? Or will Cobra Kai become the face of karate in the valley?