'She-Hulk' Crosses The Comic Book Aisle, Casts CW Superhero Actor Josh Segarra

What rivalry?

Fans of the two biggest comic book companies may bicker and fight amongst themselves while drawing meaningless battle lines on Twitter and elsewhere on the internet, but that online animosity doesn't quite translate to real life. Marvel is welcoming another actor with previous DC ties to their ranks, as Josh Segarra of CW's Arrow fame has reportedly joined the cast of the upcoming She-Hulk series.

Deadline doesn't have any specific information on which character Segarra might be playing, whether it's a pre-existing comic book hero (or villain) or simply an original supporting role meant to help flesh out the world.

Of course, Segarra is far from the first actor to play characters from both major comic universes. In fact, he's in very fine company: Michael Keaton, Willem Dafoe, Halle Berry, JK Simmons, Ben Affleck, Tom Hardy, Ryan Reynolds, and soon to be Christian Bale all have spent time on both sides of the aisle.

Gamers may recognize Segarra — his voice, at least — from playing Red Dead Redemption, where he played the villainous Abraham Reyes. He's mostly shown up in various television shows, such as the HBO Max original The Other Two and Orange Is the New Black as well as Arrow. From 2016-2019 on the CW superhero show, he portrayed Adrian Chase, the former Star City district attorney and close friend of Oliver Queen. Nursing a years-long grudge against The Hood, he ended up becoming the serial killer known as Prometheus and even uncovered Queen's superhero alter-ego before finally being defeated.

What To Know About She-Hulk

She-Hulk is coming exclusively to Disney+ for subscribers of the popular streaming service and has been described by Kevin Feige as a "half-hour legal comedy." Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black, Perry Mason) stars as Jennifer Walters, a cousin of Bruce Banner who traditionally becomes She-Hulk following a blood transfusion with her superpowered relative. Banner himself, Mark Ruffalo, will also be appearing in the show along with the previously announced Jameela Jamil and Tim Roth, who is reprising his The Incredible Hulk role as Emil Blonsky/Abomination (and most recently popped up during the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings trailer, in all places).Jessica Gao, the Emmy-winning writer for Rick and Morty, is the head writer and Kat Coiro (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Anu Valia (A.P. Bio) have both been selected to direct the initial nine-episode season. The series is set to bow on Disney+ in 2022.