'Loki' Episode 5 Featured A Secret Chris Hemsworth Cameo

Last week's fifth episode of Marvel's Loki series on Disney+ featured a ton of Easter eggs, comic references, and callbacks to both Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, we've just learned that one of the episode's best Easter eggs actually contained another Easter egg that will make MCU fans very happy, and it involves Thor franchise star Chris Hemsworth.

In the "Journey into Mystery" episode of Loki, after our titular anti-hero is pruned by the Time Variance Authority, he finds himself in a desolate world called The Void. In this world, there are several other variations of Loki to welcome him, including Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki, Jack Veal as Kid Loki, DeObia Oparei as Boastful Loki, and a bunch of pixels as Alligator Loki. The three Gods of Mischief take Tom Hiddleston as Loki Prime back to their lair. But before going inside, there was a little Easter egg lingering outside the lair.

Among a bunch of debris in The Void, including school lunch trays and Thor's hammer Mjolnir, there was a jar labeled T-365 featuring Frog Thor, an amphibian version of the God of Thunder also known as Throg. The little guy could be seen trying to break free of his container, screaming and making a big leap into the glass in an attempt to break it. The voice of that tiny amphibious Thor was none other than Chris Hemsworth himself.

Secret Chris Hemsworth Cameo in Loki

Loki director Kate Herron recently appear on For All Nerds (via Entertainment Weekly), and the filmmaker revealed that Chris Hemsworth was recorded as the voice of Frog Thor. Herron said:

"We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way. We recorded him for that. His voice going 'Ahhh!' That's a whole new recording. Not recycled. He recorded that."

It would have been easy to just grab an audio file from any of the previous Thor or Avengers movies and manipulate it to sound like tiny Frog Thor. But Herron likely didn't have Hemsworth record just this scream. More than likely Hemsworth was brought in to record lines back when the plan was for Frog Thor to have a bigger appearance in the show's first episode.

As we recently learned, Frog Thor was originally intended to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the Time Theater sequence from the show's premiere. One of the clips played for Loki during his interrogation by Mobius would have seen Frog Thor beating up the God of Mischief as one of his more humiliating moments. That's likely why Chris Hemsworth was brought in to record dialogue for the character, because having the actor brought in only to scream one time doesn't seem like it's worth the trouble.

We're hoping that we'll get to see that deleted scene sometime down the road. At the very least, maybe there will be footage of Chris Hemsworth recording this dialogue in the Loki edition of the making-of documentary series Assembled, which will likely be arriving next week after the show's finale airs this Wednesday.

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