'The Tomorrow War' Aliens Are Invading Los Angeles This Weekend – Here's Where You Can Encounter "Real" White Spikes

It's almost the fourth of July weekend, and what goes better with barbecue and beer than an armored truck carrying a humanity-killing extraterrestrial?

The good news for Los Angeles residents is...they can have both! In a promotion for Amazon's sci-fi flick, The Tomorrow War, the streaming service has deployed a "real" military convoy carrying a "real" White Spike — one of the murderous aliens that have killed off most of humanity in the Chris Pratt-starring feature. Here's where you can find it starting tomorrow. 

White Spikes Like the Beach, Apparently

What the hell is a White Spike, you ask? They're the big bad from Tomorrow War, a movie about time travel, aliens and the end of the world. (If Independence Day and Edge of Tomorrow had a baby, it would be this movie.)

The White Spikes like nothing better than to kill (and eat) everything in their path. They do so with a massive set of teeth and tentacle-like arms that open up à la the demogorgon from Stranger Things. They also shoot vicious spikes at their prey, which gives them their name.

In order to stop them, Chris Pratt and a bunch of other poor folks are jettisoned 30 years into the future to kill them first. Craziness ensues. The movie starts streaming tomorrow on Amazon Prime Video, if you want to learn more.

But back to Los Angeles (and Huntington Beach). Amazon has put together an experience where bystanders in certain SoCal locations can catch a glimpse of a sedated White Spike driving by. Want a tease on what that may look like? Check out this teaser:

While stopped or in traffic, the public may be lucky enough to get a peek at the White Spike. Don't worry about getting murdered though — Amazon promises the alien is secured and under heavy sedation. And also, it's not real. Sorry.

Where Can I See The Real-Life Fake Alien?

Want to see the convoy in real life? It will be moving through the city toward the coast from July 2 through July 4 and will be making crucial supply stops in certain civilian strongholds along the way: 

  • July 2 | Starting at Hollywood & Highland and making its way to Venice
  • July 3 | Starting in Venice and making its way to Huntington Beach (Main Street 7 Pacific Coast Highway
  • July 4 | Huntington Beach 4th of July Celebration, which will include street theatrics and the parade
  • Similar trucks will also be driving around in Japan and Chile, making this a global affair.

    The Tomorrow War premieres on Amazon Prime Video on July 2, 2021.