'Cinderella' Trailer: Amazon Wants To Beat Disney At That Whole "Fairy Tale Princess" Thing

It's the streaming giants' world and we're just living in it. Disney has cornered the market in live action remakes of classic animated films ever since their 2016 release of the underrated and sneakily good Pete's Dragon, but Amazon decided to join the fray and make their own mark on this rapidly-growing cottage industry after acquiring Sony's Cinderella earlier this year. Despite plenty of pandemic-induced uncertainty regarding the actual release date of this film, the dust seems to have settled as Amazon has gone ahead and released a 30-second "first look" that certainly looks and feels more like a proper teaser trailer...which is clearly marked as such on the video anyway, despite the title. Why play games with us like this, Amazon?

Anyway, check it out for yourself below.

Cinderella Trailer

As you may or may not have already known, Kay Cannon of Blockers and Pitch Perfect fame is handling writing and directing duties after Disney pulled off some magic of their own with their Kenneth Branagh-directed, Emma Watson-starring remake back in the "Before Times" of 2015. This time, however, singer and recording artist Camila Cabello stars as the eponymous princess in yet another origin story adaptation of a classic tale that the vast majority of us are well familiar with in the first place.

As for the footage itself, it can't exactly dance around that rather glaring fact despite its best intentions. But hey, we're big musical fans around here and musicals seem to be all the rage lately, so who are we to say no to one more? This teaser mostly does its job in selling its slightly more self-aware tone and replacing some of the usual nostalgia of the fairy tale with a much more modern twist. Most importantly, however, this new teaser provides us with the added bonus of reminding us about the absolutely bonkers supporting cast.

Cabello will be joined by Idina Menzel, who will be playing her terrible stepmother while Pose star Billy Porter, of all people, will step into the role of the (traditionally) fairy godmother. That's all well and good, right? Then you have Pierce BrosnanJohn MulaneyMinnie Driver,  James Corden, and hip hop artist Missy Elliot who all will be joining the ranks in various parts that will no doubt have to be seen to be truly believed.

We're as curious and slightly dumbfounded as you may be. Amazon's Cinderella drops on the streaming service on September 3, 2021.