'The Tomorrow War' Clip: Chris Pratt Fights Aliens In A Destroyed Miami

Chris Pratt is suited up and ready for some intergalactic warfare in Amazon Prime's original film The Tomorrow War. SyFy revealed an exclusive clip from director Chris McKay's sci-fi action film, giving a sneak preview of a lot of chaos, awesome special effects, and a glimpse at the aliens that threaten our protagonist.

The Tomorrow War Clip

The Tomorrow War is an action-packed sci-fi film that follows time travelers who arrive from the year 2051 to deliver an urgent message: 30 years in the future, mankind is losing a war against an alien species. The only hope for survival is for soldiers and civilians to be transported to the future to join the fight. Determined to save the world for his daughter, Dan Forester (Pratt) teams up with a scientist and his estranged father (J.K. Simmons).

The new clip picks up shortly after Dan Forester and his team are transported 30 years into the future. Downtown Miami is completely destroyed and the city is now overrun with fast-moving aliens called "White Spikes." The soldiers have to escape the city entirely before a designated bomb goes off.

The special effects look pretty awesome, from the decrepit city structures to the aliens running after the soldiers. These specific aliens definitely seem to be more animalistic and primitive in nature as opposed to intelligent beings. Creature designer Ken Barthelmey designed the film's aliens, which look pretty impressive even from a distance. As opposed to other alien invasion films like Mars Attacks! or Signs, these creatures are quadrupeds instead of bipeds. The tentacles on their backs are very reminiscent of the creature design from Independence Day, and I have a feeling this film will exude the same type of kick-ass energy with a little bit of comedy from Pratt along the way like Will Smith's character in the 1996 blockbuster.

Fighting for Family

Speaking of Independence Day, the core of that film is about a man fighting to get back to his loved ones, which is a similar theme featured in The Tomorrow War. In an interview with /Film, writer Zach Dean stated, "at the end of the day, it's a family story about a family that has fractures in it, and a man who has to figure out how to be a father while looking at the father that is not necessarily the one he thought he wanted, and then he has to figure out how to be a father to his kid." Like A Quiet Place, there is a parental need to protect one's child in The Tomorrow War. Dean made another interesting point that he wanted to "do something with the idea of conscription in the draft."

He continued, "I think the difference is, in the past, we've always, not always, but oftentimes we've drafted children to fight wars, like the 19-year-olds go. And in this situation, it's the 40-year-olds and the 50-year-olds, the parents. And so, you're not going to war to fight sort of an ideology or patriotism to a particular country or a long-standing blood feud, any of that, you're going to war because your kids' lives are literally at stake." I think this type of approach will definitely bring a lot more emotion to the film alongside all the explosions and comedic elements from Pratt.

The Tomorrow War will premiere on Amazon Prime Video Friday, July 2, 2021.