'Succession' Ending After "Maximum" 5 Seasons, But More Likely After Season 4

You heard right, folks: Succession will be coming to an end in just a couple more seasons. It's difficult to imagine the end of a beloved show that only just began (especially given its two-year hiatus) but according to writer and executive producer Georgia Pritchett, the showrunners are already discussing the final onscreen chapter of the Roy family's story.In an interview with The Times (via IndieWire), Pritchett said:

"I think the maximum would be five seasons, but possibly more like four. We're at the end of filming season three, so at this point Jesse is saying only one more. But that happens every time."

Season 2 ended with a significant bang, as Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) publicly stood up to his brash billionaire father, Logan (Brian Cox), in a room full of journalists. His press conference-set betrayal was peak TV drama — then promptly left fans hanging for a prolonged COVID-induced hiatus. Succession fans are so starved for that a three-second clip tacked onto an HBO Max promo has already begun making the rounds on Twitter, as it's the only new footage since the show's 2019 season 2 finale.

Thankfully, season 3 and beyond promise to handle the aftermath of Kendall's actions with the same vicious hilarity that made Succession famous. Fans will be happy to know that the last few seasons will not be completed in haste; Pritchett indicated that a plan is already in place, adding, "we've got a good end in sight."

An Ending to Remember

If it's any consolation, season 3 of Succession is shaping up to be a thrilling return to the Roy family drama. Between Kendall's recent betrayal, his budding bromance with fan-favorite Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) and the latest casting news, the drama will be ramping up to an exciting new level. New additions include Adrian Brody, Alexander Skarsgård, Sanaa LathanLinda Emond, and Korean singer JihaeAll in all, the show's capable cast and brilliantly-penned first two seasons promise an ending to remember.Still, with the Succession finale now on the horizon, another popular HBO show about backstabbing, betrayal, and the perils of family drama comes to mind. Parallels between the Roy family and the Lannisters have been drawn in the past, especially when the two shared the airwaves, but hopefully this is another place where the two shows differ. Game of Thrones is now haunted by its disastrous final season and it would be a shame to see another show fall from grace.