'The Suicide Squad' Director James Gunn Based Harley's New Look On The 'Arkham' Games, Would Love To Make A Solo Movie

A new trailer for The Suicide Squad arrived this week, and with it comes the usual glut of information for nerds like us to pore over studiously, as if we were all cramming for a pop quiz that will never come.

While participating in a trailer breakdown, director James Gunn dropped some info regarding one of Harley Quinn's (many) new looks in the upcoming film, revealing that he looked to the popular Arkham series of Batman video games for inspiration. In addition to that, Gunn revealed on social media that given the chance, he'd love to make a solo Harley movie. So perhaps the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister Dot should get around to asking him about that.

The Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown

The video above features The Suicide Squad director James Gunn breaking down the latest trailer for the film. And during the course of the breakdown, Gunn reveals the inspiration behind at least one of Margot Robbie's new Harley Quinn looks. "The truth is I had a huge map of different looks of Harley Quinn throughout the years in various media, and one of them I liked the best was the Arkham games look of Harley Quinn. Her first look in the movie is based on that," Gunn says.

For reference, here's how Harley looks in those massively popular various games, which include titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham Knight.

And this posters offers a good look at one of her new costumes, which certainly appears like it could've been inspired by those designs.

A Harley Quinn Solo Movie?

Robbie's Harley got to lead her own movie once with Birds of Prey, but that was also more of an ensemble piece. What about a movie that focuses on Harley on her own, though? Might that happen? And would James Gunn be interested in directing it? While there's no sign that Warner Bros. has a solo Harley flick in the works, Gunn did comment on the matter on social media. Asked, "Would you ever consider making a standalone Harley film?", Gunn replied: "I definitely would yes."

Again: that doesn't mean one is happening, or that it ever will happen. But if it does, and Warner Bros. wants to give Gunn the gig, it looks like he'll gladly take it. For now, though, Gunn has The Suicide Squad and the HBO Max series Peacemaker on the way. Then he'll be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.