'Ms. Marvel' Set Photos Reveal Iman Vellani's Sleek Superhero Suit

Later this year, Marvel Studios is going to put more Marvel in your Marvel Cinematic Universe with the arrival of the new Disney+ series Ms. Marvel. It's just the beginning for the marvelous new teenage superhero played by actress Iman Vellani, because she'll also be seen alongside Captain Marvel in the upcoming Marvel Studios sequel The Marvels.

If you're interested to see what Marvel's first Muslim superhero looks like in action, a few Ms. Marvel set photos have surfaced online, and they reveal the sleek, shiny suit that Iman Vellani will be wearing in the MCU when Kamala Khan becomes a full-fledged superhero. If you've seen Ms. Marvel in the comics, or the recent Marvel's Avengers video game, then you pretty already know exactly how Ms. Marvel will look in her own series.

Unfortunately, we can't post the Ms. Marvel set photos here, but you can still find them online yourself, and there are many similar photos that surfaced back in May. It's a night shoot with Ms. Marvel involved in some kind of action in the middle of a city street. There's a police car nearby and New Jersey residents are standing behind police barricades. A couple other shots have Iman Vellani standing on the sidelines closer to the citizens, who appear to be actual extras and not merely fans trying to get a look at the production.

For those who don't know, Ms. Marvel's costume has been said to be a modified burkini, a style of swimsuit made for women that is intended to respect Islamic traditions of modest dress. However, our own Siddhant Adlakha clarified that it's actually more of a modified salwar kameez, a form of traditional dress in Pakistan and other parts of South Asia. The difference is the lack of a head covering and the presence of a dupatta or chunni, which is the scarf-like garment around Ms. Marvel's neck. Since Kamala Khan is a Muslim Pakistani-American, the costume stays true to her roots, and Marvel Studios has given her a suit that almost exactly resembles Ms. Marvel's look in the comics. However, there are some changes.

Ms. Marvel Suit Upgrades

Rather than the blue part of the costume with the lightning bolt on it being a separate piece that fits over the red spandex jumpsuit underneath, it looks like the sleeves of the red garment are attached to the shoulders of the blue section. Plus, the suit seems to be made to resemble the style of Captain Marvel's look a little more, which is perfect since Ms. Marvel is a big fan of the cosmic superhero and is hoping to emulate her style with this outfit. But she's still opted for comfortable sneakers instead of blue boots.

The suit looks a little advanced for it to be a homemade creation like in the comics, so maybe she gets some help from someone, possibly Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau. After all, the suit needs to be able to withstand Ms. Marvel's superpowers, which include shapeshifting powers that allow her limbs to grow and stretch. Perhaps we'll get some kind of explanation as to where she found the right material that doesn't restrict her superpowers.

Fans should be very satisfied with this look for Ms. Marvel. It's true to the character's background in the comics and brings the suit to life in blockbuster fashion. Just as Ms. Marvel will be seen dressing up as Captain Marvel for Halloween in the Disney+ series (a moment borrowed from the comics), we'll definitely be seeing many more kids wearing Ms. Marvel suits in backyards, playgrounds, and at comic conventions.

Ms. Marvel doesn't have a set release date yet, but it's expected to premiere on Disney+ sometime this year.