'Big Mouth' Spin-Off 'Human Resources' Adds Aidy Bryant, Randall Park & More To The Voice Cast

The world of Netflix's raunchy animated series Big Mouth will soon be expanding with the spin-off Human Resources. Taking place in the world of the hormone monsters Maurice and Connie (Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph), the series will spend more time with the various creatures who guide humanity through all the stages of life, from childbirth to puberty and and even our autumn years. Since there are much more than hormone monsters hanging around, Netflix has recruited some top-tier voice talent to join the cast.

Variety reported the additions to the Human Resources cast, which were announced at the Annecy Animation Film Festival in a pre-recorded presentation. Obviously Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph will be back as Maurice and Connie, because Human Resources just wouldn't be as entertaining without them. They'll be joined by Aidy Bryant (Saturday Night Live), Randall Park (WandaVision), and Keke Palmer (Hustlers) as series regulars, and Big Mouth season four writer Brandon Kyle Goodman will be joining the voice cast in some capacity as well.

On top of the new cast members joining Human Resources, there will be another voice coming with a recurring role from Big Mouth. David Thewlis (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Wonder Woman) will reprise his role as the Shame Wizard. He won't be a series regular, but the Shame Wizard is said to "feature heavily" in the new show.

A Brand New Character

During the Human Resources presentation, only one of the characters that will be voiced by the new cast was revealed. Randall Park will be voicing a Logic Rock named Pete, a character that Park felt like was written just for him. Park said, "I'm very logical, organized, clean. Pete does everything by the book like me. He has rock hard abs..."

However, as we've occasionally seen in Big Mouth, the various creatures of the world of Human Resources can be more complex than their seemingly one-dimensional purpose in the human world. Kroll talked about how the spin-off will allow us to see more layers of these characters:

"You have these characters that represent a major force in the human condition. The challenge has been that these characters don't only function according to the one thing they do professionally. The Logic Rock is filled with a lot of emotion and love and that defies his nature. Building out the characters in that complex way has been a joy."

To me, this feels like it will be the raunchy counterpart to the Monsters Inc. sequel series Monsters at Work. Back when the series was announced, there was a teaser that featured what looked like a new Human Resources monster (seen at the top), and I'm betting that will be the way the audience gets more properly acquainted with the rest of the world.

Human Resources will be animated by Titmouse and executive produced by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, Jennifer Flackett, who formed the Brutus Pink animation production banner not too long ago. Acting as showrunner will be Kelly Galuska, a producer on BoJack Horseman and co-executive producer of Big Mouth.

There's no release date for Human Resources yet, but we'll keep you posted.