'Rick And Morty' Day Is Coming June 20, Season 5 Guest Stars Include Timothy Olyphant, Christina Ricci & More

This month, Adult Swim will be launching the first ever Rick and Morty Day celebration. They've got plenty of shenanigans planned for fans, including broadcasting the fifth season premiere from space among other special surprises.

Speaking of surprises, today a handful of Rick and Morty season 5 guest stars were announced, including Timothy Olyphant and Christina Ricci. Get the lowdown on all the Rick and Morty updates below.

Rick and Morty has featured an impressive array of guest stars across the previous four seasons. Patton Oswalt, Paul Giamatti, John Oliver, Taika Waititi, Keith David, Werner Herzog, Sam Neill, and many more have popped up on the series. Now we have word on who will be making guest appearances in the show's fifth season.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Guest Stars

Cast member Spencer Grammer (who plays Morty's sister Summer) revealed a handful of guest stars during a roundtable interview with GamesRadar. Timothy Olyphant, fresh off a memorable appearance wearing Boba Fett's armor in the second season of The Mandalorian, will lend his voice to an unknown character. Christina Ricci will also be heard this season, adding to an exciting year that we also recently learned includes a role in The Matrix 4.

Rick and Morty season 5 guest stars will also include a couple familiar names for fans of both Rick and Morty and co-creator Dan Harmon's past endeavors. Susan Sarandon will be back as Dr. Wong, who debuted during the famous "Pickle Rick" episode in season 3 and reappeared at the end of season 4. And finally, Community co-star Alison Brie will make her debut on the series. She follows in the footsteps of fellow Community stars Joel McHale, Jim Rash, and Gillian Jacobs, who have all already popped up on Rick and Morty.

But there's even more for Rick and Morty fans to be excited about this month.

Global Rick and Morty Day is Coming June 20

When the fifth season of Rick and Morty premieres on Adult Swim, it will arrive with a big celebration for fans to enjoy. Global Rick and Morty Day will happen on Sunday, June 20 with Adult Swim promising "special surprises, fun moments and celebrations." In fact, there's at least one way you can get a head start on the celebrations right now.

If you've always wanted to become a character in the Rick and Morty universe, Adult Swim has created a customizable avatar creator called Go Rick Yourself. You can try to create a character who looks as close to you as possible (it can be a little tricky), or you can go crazy and create a totally original alien character. There are also some fun audio Easter eggs when you click on certain attributes and features.

As for what else is coming on Global Rick and Morty Day, apparently there will be a place online (for US and Mexico residents only) where you can create custom t-shirts inspired by the series. We'll have to keep our ear to the ground to find out what that experience will be like.

Otherwise, prepare to watch the fifth season premiere of Rick and Morty on June 20, and stay tuned for how you can watch Adult Swim launch Rick's Space Cruiser 150,000 feet into the atmosphere for the episode's premiere from space.