Oscar Isaac Might Actually Kill People In 'Moon Knight', Based On This Brutal Training Video

Oscar Isaac might legitimately kill someone in Moon Knight, the upcoming Marvel Disney+ series starring the Inside Llewyn Davis actor as a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder who draws his power from the moon. At least, that's what it appears he'll do, based on the stunts and fight choreography they have him performing during combat training. Let's just say Isaac gets pretty stabby with a few stunt team members.

Could Moon Knight be the most violent Marvel series to debut on Disney+? It would certainly be a feat for a family-friendly streaming service, but based on Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight training video, we might get a Marvel Disney+ series that features some straight-up murder. Or at least, Isaac murdering what's left of our hearts.

A training video released by Mad Gene Media has been dropped, revealing Isaac's brutal training regimen to get in shape for Moon Knight. The video features Isaac performing fight choreography which features a surprising amount of throat-slitting, which would be a surprise for a Disney+ series, but perhaps not one whose premise centers around a mercenary with multiple personalities.

It's great to see Isaac getting in shape for the series, and taking well to the intense fight choreography, which almost looks like something out of a John Wick film. This bodes well for Moon Knight, an action adventure series about a mercenary left for dead in the Egyptian desert. In the comics, Moon Knight is a mercenary named Marc Spector who has dissociative identity disorder who is left for dead by his boss after the two find an archaeological dig site. Spector is approached by Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, and given a second chance at life if he agrees to be Khonshu's avatar on Earth, and Spector agrees. Spector returns to the world of the living and develops multiple secret identities, including a millionaire named Steven Grant and a taxicab driver named Jake Lockley, which give him access to different sectors of society.

The intense fight choreography Isaac is performing makes sense for Moon Knight, a former Marine and boxer who is considered an expert in hand-to-hand combat. But he also has super strength which he draws from the moon: the fuller it gets, the stronger he gets. At least, that's what he believes.

Jeremy Slater (Umbrella AcademyFantastic Four) is serving as the writer and showrunner for Moon Knight, which does not have a release date set yet. Expect the character to appear in MCU films after headlining his own show.