VOTD: 'The Tonight Show' Gets The 'WandaVision' Treatment With Elizabeth Olsen

WandaVision has become quite the craze on Disney+, taking viewers on a mysterious journey through grief and television history. It's all coming to an end this Friday with the series finale, but before that, Jimmy Fallon wanted to get in on the fun by giving The Tonight Show the WandaVision treatment. The appropriately dubbed FallonVision takes us through past decades of the late night talk show with guest Elizabeth Olsen joining Jimmy Fallon every step of the way.

The Tonight Show WandaVision Parody

Just like WandaVision, this parody starts back in the black and white television era and moves through to the present day, even reusing the real, original opening from when Jimmy Fallon started hosting The Tonight Show. Along the way, Elizabeth Olsen becomes a little concerned about what's happening. And just like WandaVision, there's a bit of a surprise ending with a special guest that you may or may not have seen coming.

Jimmy Fallon gets a lot of flack for his broad audience appeal, but every now and then he does something great like this. It's not the most original idea, but it's clear that a lot of effort went into it. Though it seems odd to have the virtual interview format like this, it's all fully explained when you realize exactly what's going on with FallonVision.

Be sure to come back on Friday after the series finale of WandaVision to hear our spoiler discussion on the SlashFilm Daily podcast, where we'll break down every nook and cranny of the anticipated conclusion..