Cool Stuff: New Funko POPs Coming From 'Solar Opposites' And 'Rick And Morty'

There's never been a better time for animated projects geared towards adults, especially when it comes to comedy. Two of the best animated series today come from Justin Roiland. Adult Swim brings us Rick and Morty, which he created with Community mastermind Dan Harmon, and Hulu has Solar Opposites, teaming him up with Star Trek: Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan while. While one show has been churning out Funko POPs for awhile now, the other is making their collectible toy debut, and they seem to be breaking the traditional style of these collectible vinyl figures.

Rick and Morty Funko POPs

The latest wave of Rick and Morty Funko POPs brings us President Mory while his sister also get a new figure in the form of Queen Summer. There are also figures of Rick and Morty with dead Glorzo tapes to their faces. Plus, there's a version of Rick with his QR code funnel hat and Morty holding a doll of Rick.

For a change of pace from the titular characters, you can also get your hands on a 10-inch figure of the dragon Balthromaw, perfecting for striking a soul bond.

With a single season under its belt and a second season on the way in March, Solar Opposites is ready for their Funko POP debut. However, what's weird about these Funko POPs is they've abandoned the traditional eye design in favor of a look that more closely resembles the characters in animated form.

Normally Funko POP eyes have a single color, typically black, but there have been plenty of characters with various colors of eyes. But the Solar Opposites Funko POPs not only have the bulging eyes of the cartoon character, but they even have their signature asterisk-style pupils. Could Funko be heading in a new direction with some of their POPs when it's called for, or is this a unique circumstance?