'To All The Boys: Always And Forever' Trailer: Netflix's Romantic Comedy Franchise Is Coming To An End

Netflix began a hit romantic comedy franchise in 2018 with To All the Boys I've Loved Before, an adaptation of Jenny Han's 2014 novel of the same name and they kept the story going with To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You in 2020. But now, the story of the complicated love life of Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) will come to an end with the final chapter, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, and the first trailer has just arrived to tease what might be the most important part of her coming-of-age story.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Trailer

In To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean and her boyfriend Peter (Noah Centineo) are preparing to head off to college. They plan is for them both to go to Stanford so they can be together, but there's one problem: Lara Jean hasn't been accepted yet, and she hasn't told Peter. Plus, it sounds like she's not entirely sure that she wants to go to Stanford.

After a trip to South Korea with her family starts to shake up her perspective on the future, her plan is thrown into even more upheaval when she has a blast hanging out with some friends in New York City, where it's not too hard to imagine herself living. This time the love triangle is between Lara Jean and two different futures! Could Lara Jean and Peter make a long distance relationship work across the entire United States?

With a trailer that runs two and a half minutes long (with a great cover of "I Love You Always Forever" by Betty Who), we get a sense of how the entire movie will play out. They even spoil whether Lara Jean gets into Stanford or not. I know everyone who loves these movies doesn't really care and it's moreso about the charming romance and seeing where these characters ultimately end-up, but it would have been nice if they left a little more to be revealed in the actual movie.

Here's the official synopsis for To All the Boys: Always and Forever, which keeps the details vague:

As Lara Jean Covey prepares for the end of high school and the start of adulthood, a pair of life-changing trips lead her to reimagine what life with her family, friends, and Peter will look like after graduation.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever arrives on Netflix on February 12, 2021, just in time for Valentine's Day weekend. And it's part of Netflix's plan to release a new movie every single week in 2021.