New 'Coming 2 America' Photos Reveal Wesley Snipes And More New Characters Before The First Trailer Next Week

Following our first look at the upcoming comedy sequel Coming 2 America starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, a new batch of photos has arrived that offer a look at some of the new characters we'll be meeting. On top of the return of the original cast members, Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones, KiKi Layne, and Tracy Morgan are getting in on the fun this time, and it appears that they'll be leaving the comforts of Queens for a trip to Zamunda.

Check them out below and get ready – the first trailer arrives next week.

Coming 2 America Photos

Coming 2 America

First up, we have Eddie Murphy doing some staff training with his daughter, played by KiKi Layne. She has apparently felt like she's always been treated like the son that her father never had. That's likely to create some familial tension when Akeem finds out that he actually has a son in Queens. Speaking of which...

Coming 2 America

Here's Eddie Murphy with his son Lavelle, who he's meeting for the first time in New York. Comedian Jermaine Fowler plays Lavelle while Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones plays his mother. As you can see, they've come back to Zamunda so Lavelle can see the kingdom that awaits him as the heir of the throne. They're accompanied by Paul Bates, reprising his role from the original movie as Akeem's manservant and bodyguard Oha.

Coming 2 America

Director Craig Brewer recently mentioned to Entertainment Weekly that Prince Akeem, who is meant to take his place as king of Zamunda, has to "find out how to rule his kingdom with these old laws." I wonder if one of those old laws is that Zamunda must be ruled by a king, and he decides to dispense with tradition and let his daughter inherit the throne as queen. Or maybe it's the opposite, and the arrival of Lavelle will allow KiKi Layne's character to avoid an obligation to the throne.

Coming 2 America

The trip to Zamunda is likely to be one with some adjusting for Lavelle and his mother, especially since they're being accompanied by his hustler of an uncle, played by Tracy Morgan (seen above). But the new character we're most excited to see is the one played by Wesley Snipes.

Coming 2 America

Back in the fall of 2019, Wesley Snipes provided some details about his character General Izzi:

"I'll be playing the bad guy. He's not really a bad guy, he's just a misunderstood guy. His name is General Izzi, and he is the general who is next door to him. They're trying to work it out so that the two kingdoms can come together. It would be better for everyone if the kingdoms can come together. If they don't come together, I think there is going to be some sadness all around there. Some people are not going to be too happy. The chickens are not going to run. The cows are not going to moo. The sheep are not going to baaaah. Nothing is going to happen. So I think it should go my way."

He's accompanied by Teyana Taylor, who looks like his tough, right-hand woman.

Other cast members include rapper Rick Ross, and comedian Michael Blackson in currently unknown roles, as well as the return of John Amos as Cleo McDowell, Shari Headley as Prince Akeem's princess Lisa McDowell, and Louie Anderson as McDowell's employee Maurice.

The first poster and trailer for Coming 2 America arrives next week, and the movie hits Amazon Prime on March 5, 2021.