'Andor' Teaser: Diego Luna's Cassian Andor Leads A 'Star Wars' Series About The "Building Of A Revolution"

"Everything I did, I did for the Rebellion." Diego Luna's Rogue One character Cassian Andor was a Rebel through and through, but how did he become so? That's what Andor will explore in the new Star Wars series coming to Disney+. The first Andor teaser reveals the title of the Luna-led Rogue One Disney+ prequel series, as well as concept art of the origins of Cassian Andor and the "building of a rebellion." Watch the Andor teaser below.

Andor Teaser

The Disney Investors conference dropped the first concept art for Andor, the Diego Luna-led Star Wars series coming to Disney+, in which the actor was set to reprise his character of Cassian Andor in a Rogue One prequel (because, you know, they can't really do a sequel). In the teaser, Luna revealed his sadness that his stint in a galaxy far, far away was a one-time deal, saying, "Rogue One in many ways is a film that connected new audiences with the oldest fans. It was a bittersweet feeling at the premiere knowing it was just one film. But as you know, magic happens."

That magic was the greenlighting of a then-untitled Cassian Andor series, which we now know is just titled Andor. A 12-episode series, Andor  takes place in 5 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) — which refers to the battle that destroys the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope, and follows the origins of the swaggering Rebel Cassian Andor.

"I'm really excited having the chance to explore Cassian, it's really fun to go on a set that is emulating something you like so much," Luna said in the teaser, which showed glimpses of the many aliens, over 200 cast members, and thrilling action set pieces that the series would contain. The production team emphasized how cinematic the series will be, with them approaching it just like a film. The show just began filming last week in London so they won't have any new footage yet, but they've made amazing headway on the series in just a few days.

When the project was first announced, it was described as a "rousing spy thriller" that "will explore tales filled with espionage and daring missions to restore hope to a galaxy in the grip of a ruthless Empire."

"There's tons of possibilities to explore," Luna said in the teaser. "It is the building of a revolution."

Andor is set to debut on Disney+ sometime in 2022.