VOTD: 'Black Panther' On Disney+ Honors Chadwick Boseman With Custom Marvel Studios Logo

Today would have been Chadwick Boseman's 44th birthday, but the Black Panther actor unfortunately passed away earlier this year after a four-year battle with colon cancer. But Marvel Studios went out of their way to celebrate the late actor by giving a little update to Black Panther on Disney+. Fans watching the movie on the streaming service today will notice that the Marvel Studios production logo that accompanies all of their movies has been updated with a custom version that is a tribute to Chadwick Boseman's role as the African superhero.

Disney CEO Bob Iger called attention to some kind of Chadwick Boseman tribute being added to Black Panther on Disney+ last night. He posted on Twitter:

Marvel Studios posted the video today so even fans without Disney+ can see the tribute to Chadwick Boseman:

The Marvel Studios logo is usually populated with concept art, script pages, and clips of all the various superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But if you watch Black Panther on Disney+ now, you'll see the Marvel Studios logo dedicated entirely to Chadwick Boseman and the superhero he brought to life, including some behind the scenes footage of the actor on set.

The update is a nice little tribute for the the late actor's birthday, though it's not clear if this will be a permanent addition or just a temporary tribute. The digital version of the movie has not been updated anywhere else to include this tribute, so maybe it will just be exclusive to Disney+ in perpetuity.

This isn't the first time the Marvel Studios logo has been modified in the wake of a death in the Marvel family. After Stan Lee passed away in the fall of 2018, the Marvel Studios logo that accompanied Captain Marvel when it was released in theaters in March of 2019 featured images of Stan Lee and all the cameos he's made over the years. Here it is: