Cool Stuff: Let Marvel And DC Give You A Comic Christmas With New 2020 Hallmark Ornaments

It's only been a few days since Halloween, and Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but thanks to the nightmare that is 2020, people are getting excited about Christmas even earlier than usual. If you're one of the any people throwing their arms up in the air and putting up holiday decorations early, and you're a fan of the characters of Marvel and DC Comics, then you might want to check out some of the new 2020 Hallmark Christmas ornaments.

Bring some of Avengers: Endgame to your Christmas tree with these two Avengers who sacrificed everything to save the world. Captain America is wielding Mjolnir and leaping with his trusty shield while Iron Man is wielding the Infinity Stone in his latest armor, even though there's never a shot of him wielding the stones with his helmet on.

Flashing back to the classic Batman series from 1966, we've got Batman and Robin cruising in the Batmobile on the way to save the day. Meanwhile, Burgess Meredith is grinning as the dastardly Penguin, complete with his purple top hat and bow tie, cigarette and umbrella.

It's the Wonder Woman of Christmas past and Christmas future with these two new ornaments. One features Lynda Carter from the classic Wonder Woman TV series spreading her star-spangled cape and ready to deliver justice. The other has Gal Gadot spreading her wings in the shimmering Golden Eagle armor from Wonder Woman 1984, which may or may not be released on Christmas.

Here are a pair of dangerous ladies from Marvel and DC. Black Widow should have been leaping into theaters this year, but instead she'll only be jumping into your Christmas tree. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey will shake things up by skating her way into your ornament collection.

These two cause mischief in their own ways. Deadpool is a jolly guy in a red suit who can't keep his mouth shut, and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is basically a walking Christmas tree always ready to boogie. They can both throw a hell of a Christmas party.

Reaching into more stylized versions of DC Comics superheroes, we have The Dark Knight from Batman: The Animated Series and Aquaman from classic comic books, riding on his trusty seahorse Storm. One is a billionaire crimefighter, and the other talks to fish.

DC and Marvel 2020 Hallmark Ornaments

Finally, give the entire Justice League a place to meet on Christmas with this ornament of the Hall of Justice. It might not be the best idea to clearly label your secret hideout and have it so easily visible, but I guess Justice League isn't scared of anybody. Plus, they probably want to make sure Santa Claus can find them easily. Is that a dumb Christmas joke? Yes, and we don't care.