'WandaVision' Co-Star Describes The Series As A "Full-On Action Movie Mixed With Sitcoms"

The Falcon and the Winter Solider was originally intended to be the first Marvel Studios series to premiere on Disney+ this fall. But production delays brought upon by the coronavirus pandemic messed up that release strategy, and now WandaVision will be the first Disney+ TV series set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show is anticipated to arrive sometime before the end of the year, and when it does, series co-star Teyonah Parris says fans will be getting a "full-on action movie, mixed with sitcoms."

Speaking with The Undefeated (via Screen Rant), WandaVision co-star Teyonah Parris hyped up the series without really giving anything away. Parris is playing Monica Rambeau, the grown-up daughter of Maria Rambeau, who was Carol Danvers' best friend in Captain Marvel. The star of If Beale Street Could Talk and the upcoming Candyman remake couldn't be more thrilled to be in WandaVision. She said:

"I'm so happy to be a part of this universe. And to be Monica Rambeau, she's such a badass in the comics. I just can't believe that this is happening. This is a full-on action movie, mixed with sitcoms. It's wild. It's wild. I think people will be very excited."

We've seen how the sitcom element of WandaVision will come into play in the trailers for the series that have been released so far. The television framing device appears to be some kind of construct in Wanda Maximoff's mind, perhaps as a way of keeping her super powers from getting out of control. After all, we know Vision is dead, so his appearance alongside Wanda in all these sitcom scenarios inspired by classic TV shows such as Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, and Roseanne has to be a way of distracting her from unleashing the true strength of her powers, potentially creating a major disaster.

As for the action part, we haven't seen any major action setpieces in WandaVision yet. The focus has mostly been on the trippy imagery and establishing the tone and mystery behind the series. Though there is a shot of Teyonah Parris being thrown a great distance, seemingly from within whatever mental construct Wanda finds herself within. Perhaps we'll get a better idea of the scale of the action whenever a new trailer arrives, though we're not sure when that will be. In fact, we're still not sure when WandaVision will be released.

When Disney+ released a trailer teasing all the forthcoming titles coming before the end of the year, WandaVision was included. However, the most recent teaser for titles arriving on Disney+ in November didn't include WandaVision at all. Does that mean we won't see the series premiere on Disney+ until December? Or are they merely saving the announcement of a release date and keeping it secret for now?

For what it's worth, Thor franchise co-star Kat Dennings, who also has a supporting role in WandaVision, believes the series is still intended to arrive this year. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Dennings said, "As far as I know, they are going to try and get it out this year." Dennings probably doesn't have much insight into the release strategy, and she probably just knows what she's heard from her representatives, mostly because she needs to be aware the publicity schedule for when the show will premiere.

There have been rumblings that WandaVision would premiere over Thanksgiving weekend, but that hasn't been officially confirmed by Disney+ yet. We'll keep you posted.