'The Mandalorian' Honest Trailer: This Bounty Hunter's Childhood Was Literally Ruined By The Prequels

We're coming up on the second season premiere of The Mandalorian on Disney+, and fans are excited to see how the story of the bounty hunter named Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) will continue to play out. The show is a bright spot for fans who may have found some problems with the consistency of quality in the new trilogy created by Lucasfilm under the tutelage of The Walt Disney Company. But as The Mandalorian Honest Trailer reminds us, this story begins when the bounty hunter's childhood is literally torn apart by the prequels.

The Mandalorian Honest Trailer

Isn't it amazing how The Mandalorian does something new with Star Wars without being overly familiar and fans are crazy for it? There's a lesson in there somewhere that maybe Disney should learn overall when it comes to their approach to the Star Wars universe. Sure, the series may still be derivative, drawing from westerns and samurai stories, but isn't that what George Lucas did with the original Star Wars to begin with?

As for the cast of characters, they leave a little something to be desired, at least so far. Mando isn't exactly an emotive man, and Cara Dune has even less to offer in that department (though I'm sorry to say that's mostly because of Gina Carano's limited range). At least that Baby Yoda offers us a broad range of feelings.

Since The Mandalorian has started to carve its own path, I'm hoping that the second season doesn't get too bogged down with more connective tissue to other established corners of the Star Wars universe. Yes, it would be cool to see certain characters pop up now and then, but let's just hope we're not headed back towards the same path we've been down over and over again.