'Rick And Morty' Pringles Line-Up Expanding With Flavors For Morty And Mr. Meeseeks

Though it seems a lifetime ago in the exhausting nightmare that is 2020, earlier this year, Pringles unveiled a special Pickle Rick flavor of their potato chips inspired by an episode of Rick and Morty. Released in a specially designed can that looks like Rick Sanchez after he turns himself into a pickle, the chips were released just in time for the Super Bowl back in February. But this year, Pringles isn't waiting for a big game to expand the Rick and Morty Pringles collection with two new flavors in collectible cans.

Rick and Morty Pringles

Pringles is bringing back the Pickle Rick flavor this month along with the release of the two "new" flavors, which are actually just existing flavors that have been repurposed with Rick and Morty inspired names and can designs. Here are all three of the flavors available now:

  • Pickle Rick – Paying homage to the classic episode "Pickle Rick"TM—in which the eccentric scientist Rick Sanchez turns himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy—Pringlesis re-launching their special edition, collectable Pickle Rick flavor previously released in February.
  • Honey Mustard Morty– The sweet flavor profile perfectly embodies Morty Smith's well- mannered and blissfully ignorant nature, while the slight hint of tanginess reflects the risky adventures he's unwillingly roped into by his Grandpa Rick.
  • Look at Me! I'm Cheddar & Sour Cream– Mr. Meeseeks tall, powder-blue figure is naturally emulated in this narrow can of Pringles crisps. Since existence is pain for a Meeseeks, you better eat these crisps fast—which should be no problem given how delicious these flavors are.
  • All three of the flavors are available now in Walmart stores and on Walmart.com while supplies last.