New 'Suicide Squad' Video Game On The Way, And Superman (Or Maybe Bizarro?) Is Involved, Too

Rocksteady Studios is responsible for creating the fantastic Batman: Arkham video game trilogy, easily the best video game adaptation of The Dark Knight that we've ever seen. Now the game's creators are setting their sights on a new DC Comics video game that involves both Suicide Squad and Superman, but just like the Batman: Arkham games, it's not tied to the film franchises in any way. And as you can see in the teaser image, it might be about hunting Superman. Or is that Bizarro?

The new Suicide Squad video game was announced today by Rocksteady Studios on Twitter with this poster:

New Suicide Squad Video Game Poster

That silhouette appears to be Superman thanks to the cape, seemingly chiseled physique, and that signature hair curl. With the Suicide Squad title placed purposefully right on Supes' head in the form of a crosshair, it would seem to imply that the video game may be about the team of villains hunting down the Man of Steel. That would explain why there have been rumors about both a Suicide Squad game and a Superman game coming from Rocksteady Studios for a while now.

However, interestingly enough, even though this looks like Superman at first glance, if you zoom in on the character's face, his skin doesn't look all that healthy, and his eyes are glowing red with little wisps of smoke swirling around his face. That might just be what his face looks like when his laser vision is activated, but it's enough to have fans speculating that this might be Bizarro instead of Superman.

In the comics and animated series, Bizarro has been depicted as a failed Superman clone or being from a parallel dimension, depending on which version we're talking about. However, Bizarro famously has the inverse of some of Superman's powers, including arctic vision instead of laser heat vision. So theoretically, this would have to be a different take on the character. At the same time, the color scheme leans into that theory as well with the suit appearing more purple than red – though that could easily be due to the artistic lighting. Maybe this is just some evil version of Superman that the Suicide Squad is tasked with dealing with. After all, they're supposed to be a bunch of bad guys who are occasionally doing some good, and what could be more satisfying for them than taking out Superman for the good of humanity?

All we can do is speculate for now, but more details will be revealed at DC FanDome on August 22. For now, just knowing that the creators of the Batman: Arkham trilogy are working on this game is all we need to know to be excited. Not unlike the Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4, those games really tapped into letting players feel like you're Batman. How will they tackle a game featuring an ensemble of characters? Hopefully we'll hear more about that soon.

If you're interested in the Batman: Arkham games, the entire trilogy with a bunch of add-ons is on sale in the PlayStation Store right now for just $15.