Comcast Finally Strikes A Deal To Offer HBO Max To Xfinity Cable Subscribers

HBO Max launched today, bringing a new option to the crowded offering of streaming services. Though the new endeavor from WarnerMedia had already struck deals with a variety of cable providers, streaming services, and various devices to offer access to HBO Max, there was one huge holdout: Comcast. Thankfully, that changed today with a last minute deal that now allows Xfinity customers to access HBO Max through their Xfinity cable services and gives current HBO subscribers access for free.

Comcast and WarnerMedia announced the HBO Max deal in an official press release today, just in time for subscribers to get access to the streaming service on launch day. Comcast customers with Xfinity X1 and Flex services will be able to download the HBO Max app through their cable boxes sometime in the future, but they're still working on the logistics of making that happen. Meanwhile, Comcast customers who already subscribe to HBO will be able to access HBO Max immediately through their preferred devices by way of their Xfinity subscription, just like many other streaming apps with ties to cable packages.

Rebecca Heap, Senior Vice President, Video and Entertainment at Comcast Cable said in a statement:

"X1 and Flex bring our customers an unmatched depth and breadth of live, on demand and streaming entertainment, and we look forward to partnering with WarnerMedia to integrate the HBO Max app on our platforms alongside close to 200 other streaming services – all searchable with the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote."

Meanwhile, Rich Warren, president of Warner Media Distribution, added:

"We're thrilled to cap off the excitement of today's launch by adding Comcast's Xfinity to our roster of distributors who are now offering HBO Max to their customers. This deal marks another important step in the distribution of HBO Max and provides millions of Xfinity customers with access to the product."

As a current Comcast subscriber, I was prepared to end my HBO subscription through Xfinity and potentially my cable service altogether if they didn't figure out a deal to offer HBO Max. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that anymore, and I'm glad it's so easy for me to get access this way, even if it took until the last possible minute for a deal to come together.

HBO Max joins the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, HBO, YouTube, EPIX, STARZ, Pandora and many other services that are accessible through Xfinity platforms. Customers with X1 Xfinity and Flex also have early access to NBCUniversal's new Peacock streaming service before it's available to everyone in July.

So if you have an HBO subscription through Comcast, get signed up and start watching a bunch of new streaming content, including the surprise availability of the Harry Potter franchise, which previously wasn't going to be available right away on the service.