Zack Snyder Teases The Debut Of The Villain Darkseid In His Cut Of 'Justice League'

It's no secret that a lot was changed when Zack Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon during post-production on Justice League. That's why fans passionately campaigned for the release of The Snyder Cut of Justice League for the past couple years. Now that they're finally getting their wish, thanks to HBO Max, Zack Snyder has teased one of the elements that fans have wanted to see the most: the debut of the villain Darkseid, the Lord of Apokolips himself.

Zack Snyder took to Twitter with this image, which appears to be from his cut of Justice League:

In the theatrically released cut of Justice League, there's a flashback scene where the villain Steppenwolf is introduced by way of a battle scene from the past, which also allows Wonder Woman to explain the function of the Mother Boxes to Batman. However, this scene was originally meant to have a young Darkseid (aka Uxas) be the villain who was waging war against Amazons, Atlanteans, and even some Green Lanterns. That's exactly what Zack Snyder is teasing above.

We don't know if this is an image from the movie or just some concept art. However, it does look like a different version of a shot that was already in Justice League, but it was Steppenwolf was leading the army instead of Darkseid. It's also an image that Zack Snyder revealed previously, but it was only in black and white at the time. We also know that footage was shot with actor Ray Porter, who recently confirmed his role as Darkseid during production, so maybe Snyder has already been playing with deleted scenes for his cut of the movie.

Even if this image isn't actually from Zack Snyder's Justice League, the director is having a lot of fun teasing the things that fans have wanted to see from him for years. Will it be worth the wait? We won't find out until it arrives on HBO Max next year.