'Back To The Future' Trilogy Cast And Filmmakers Reunite For Josh Gad's 'Reunited Apart' Web Series

Hoping to help us keep our sanity while the coronavirus pandemic continues, Josh Gad has put together a nostalgic web series called Reunited Apart that remotely reunites the cast and filmmakers from some of the most beloved films in cinema history. The series kicked off with The Goonies reunion, but the second episode gets really heavy. The cast and filmmakers of the Back to the Future trilogy reunited to look back at the making of the movie, do some readings of memorable scenes, and even participate in some good old fashioned movie trivia.

Back to the Future Reunion

The reunion treads some familiar territory when it comes to details about the making of Back to the Future, such as the fact that there was shockingly only nine and a half weeks between when production wrapped and when the movie was released. But there's still an immense amount of satisfaction that comes from seeing Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson back together, even though there were only two scenes in the entire franchise where all three of them shared screen time.

Unfortunately, Tom F. Wilson, who played various versions of Biff Tannen, as well as Griff Tannen in Back to the Future Part II and Mad Dog Tannen in Back to the Future Part III, couldn't be coaxed into talking about Back to the Future again. Wilson famously tries to avoid talking about the franchise since it's something that always comes up, and having the same conversations over and over again can be pretty tiring. But he did write a whole song to answer frequently asked questions about it. The same can be said for Crispin Glover, but he hasn't created a tune to explain it.

Thankfully, we're still treated to some other great guests, including director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale, who share a hilarious story of how Steven Spielberg dealt with a Universal executive who suggested a title change. Plus, Mary Steenburgen makes an appearance and reveals she actually rode a horse up to the moving train in the third installment of the trilogy before her stuntwoman stepped in to complete the leap from the horse to the train. Elisabeth Shue also pops in, along with "The Power of Love" and "Back in Time" songwriter and singer Huey Lewis, who played the high school band judge in the first movie.

Josh Gad also takes the time to ask everyone what they'd pitch if there was going to be another Back to the Future sequel. Lea Thompson quickly suggests Doc and Marty go back to January of 2020 and warn us about coronavirus. Bob Gale has a Jay and Silent Bob meets Bill and Ted kind of idea where Doc and Marty find out another movie is being made and try to stop it. However, Zemeckis says if there was an idea for another movie, they would have already made it.

The episode wraps up with the Broadway cast and instrumentalists from Back to the Future: The Musical performing their lively rendition of "The Power of Love" remotely through Zoom, and it's a nice cap for this trip down memory lane.