The Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival Is Asking For Submissions From Your Home And Backyard

Since we're still all going to be stuck in quarantine for at least a few more weeks, you might be looking for something else to occupy your time. If you're an aspiring filmmaker looking to get a little creative, or you just want to try your hand at making a movie of your own, legendary B-movie producer Roger Corman has an opportunity for you.

Roger Corman, the man behind such cult favorites as Death Race 2000, Vincent Price's The House of Usher, and the infamous adaptation of Marvel's Fantastic Four from 1994, is putting together the Corman Quarantine Film Festival, and he wants homemade submissions from you with whatever resources you have from your home and backyard. Find out more about how you can participate below.

Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival

Even though Corman has a history of producing horror, action and sci-fi, the movie you make can be from any genre you like. But keep in mind that you only have two minutes to make an impression with your movie. The winner will have their short featured on Roger Corman's social media channels and official website, will received a signed certificate naming you the Best Picture winner of the festival, and he'll even cut a trailer for the short film himself. Corman called out some well known filmmakers like Eli Roth and Andy Muschietti on Instagram, so you might have some stiff competition.

Entries for the first (and hopefully last) Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival must be submitted within the next two weeks, so round up whoever is willing to help in your household and get to work. This could be your chance to get noticed by the right people, and who knows where that could take you. Maybe you can follow in the footsteps James Cameron, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and other directors who started their career working with Corman. Anything is possible.