Cool Stuff: Reebok Releasing 'Aliens' Inspired "Bug Stomper" Sneakers For Colonial Marines

If you liked the official Alien Stomper sneakers released by Reebok back in 2016. but you missed out on getting your hands on them, you might want to try again with an entirely new set of shoes inspired by Aliens, the 1986 blockbuster sequel to Alien.

For Alien Day this year, Reebok is releasing a "Bug Stomper' variation on the sneaker that is decked out camouflage and colors worn by the United States Colonial Marines who are sent in to deal with the xenomorph invasion on LV-426 in Aliens. You'll even notice a couple specific touches inspired by specific soldiers in the squad. Check out the Reebok Aliens Bug Stomper shoes below.

Reebok Aliens Bug Stomper Shoes

Reebok Aliens Bug Stomper ShoesReebok Aliens Bug Stomper Shoes

Stomp aliens in style. These futuristic shoes are inspired by the ones worn in a legendary 1986 science fiction movie. The iconic strap made them easy to slip on and off quickly for quick scene changes. Camouflage graphics and a "Bug Stomper" label give them an authentic vibe. The upper is made of a supple, full-grain leather.

Reebok Aliens Bug Stomper Shoes

You'll notice on the back of the shoes that there are some extra details for the hardcore Aliens fans out there. On the left strap on the back, there's the red, white and blue design from the USMC patch the soldiers wear. Meanwhile, the right strap on the back says "We endanger species." Not only is it a reference to the movie, but it's also accurate of all humans. Social commentary!

But the best touch is the googly eyes that can be seen on the armor worn by Bill Paxton's character Private Hudson.

So how can you get these Reebok Aliens Bug Stomper shoes? They go on sale at the Reebok UK website on April 25, just before Alien Day on April 26. It appears they'll be on sale starting at 6:00 P.M EST that evening. You can set a reminder in your respective calendar by visiting the sale page for the Bug Stompers.