Kevin Smith's Mooby's Restaurant Becomes A Reality, Launching With Postmates Delivery To Support Coronavirus Charity

If you're a Kevin Smith fan, then you probably already know about the fake fast food chain called Mooby's. After first appearing in Dogma back in 1999, the restaurant was the primary setting for Clerks II, and it also appeared in both Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. But soon, you'll be able to get food from Mooby's yourself, and you can support a good cause too.

Today, Kevin Smith announced that he's teaming up with Derek Berry and the team that brought the Saved By the Max and Good Burger pop-up restaurants to Los Angeles to create a Mooby's pop-up restaurant inspired by his movies. However, you don't have to wait for the place to open before you can enjoy some Mooby's meals, because Smith is teaming up with Postmates to offer a preview run of food through delivery, all in support of No Us Without You, a fundraiser that provides food for families of undocumented restaurant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those who may not be familiar, Mooby's is a restaurant chain based on the fictional children's television character Mooby the Golden Calf, inspired by the Old Testament story of the golden calf that was worshipped as a graven idol. Mooby is portrayed as trademarked character not unlike Barney the purple dinosaur or Mickey Mouse, with an entire array of movies, TV shows, albums, merchandise, and, obviously, a fast food chain.

Here's Kevin Smith making the announcement on Instagram with a sneak preview of the pop-up delivery menu:

As Smith explains in the post, there will be a meal with Mooby's Messy Lasagna Sandwich (also available in vegan), a side of Hater Totz, and for the Mallrats fans out there, some chocolate covered pretzels. All of the food comes courtesy of Chef Royce Burke and the Secret Lasagna Team.

In addition to the food, each Mooby's Meal will come with a Jay and Silent Bob Reboot card signed by Kevin Smith himself, which is great since the restaurant made a big comeback in the sequel. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that delivery of Mooby's Meals will only be available to Los Angeles residents starting and April 19 and running through April 26. The menu will be open between 12:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M while supplies last.

Kevin Smith sent a statement to Deadline, adding:

"Ever since I put my first Mooby's in my fourth film Dogma, I've always dreamed of taking the fictional food eatery into the real world. Now, the team behind Saved by the Max is making that dream a reality, complete with the money raised going to benefit No Us Without You. And then, maybe one day when this pandemic passes, we'll open the doors on an actual pop-up Mooby's for real!"

There's no specific date for the actual Mooby's pop-up grand opening, but it's supposed to happen sometime later this year. If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with Mooby's, follow their new Instagram page right here.