John Krasinski Hosts A Virtual 'Hamilton' Cast Reunion For A Little Girl On 'Some Good News'

The Office and Jack Ryan star John Krasinski recently started passing some of his time in self-quarantine by hosting a web series called Some Good News. Recorded from the home office of the A Quiet Place director/star, the series highlights some uplifting stories from around the web to help drown out the hellish nightmare of news from our government and the coronavirus pandemic that is claiming lives everyday.

The first episode of Some Good News brought the wonderful surprise of The Office star Steve Carell appearing on the show for a chat, just in time for the NBC workplace comedy's 15th anniversary. But an even more impressive reunion comes in this week's second episode as John Krasinski assembled the entire original cast of the Broadway music Hamilton and had them perform a musical number on the video conference service Zoom, all for a little girl who missed the show due to coronavirus cancellations.

Virtual Hamilton Reunion on John Krasinski's Some Good News

The episode delivers some good news (hey, that's the title of the show!) about the healthcare professionals across the world who are risking their lives to help save patients diagnosed with coronavirus, not to mention the various companies and manufacturers who are churning out ventilators, masks, and other personal protective equipment to help. But the episode shifts gears with a special treat for a little girl.

Through the grapevine, John Krasinski heard that a young girl missed out on her chance to see the stage production of Hamilton for the first time. He also found out she was a fan of Mary Poppins Returns, and since he just so happens to be married to the sequel's Mary Poppins herself, Emily Blunt, he was able to arrange a cute online meeting for them. But that was just the beginning of the surprise.

Suddenly, the Zoom meeting between Krasinski, Blunt and the little girl was interrupted by Hamilton star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who proceeded to bring in the entire original cast of Hamilton for a virtual musical number. Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Ramos, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Christopher Jackson, Jonathan Groff, and many more are all there. Despite being done across Zoom, the sound quality is outstanding, and it's so cool to see each of the cast members in their respective homes for this Hamilton reunion. It's an absolute delight and it will have you wanting to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack all over again.

This may not be as thrilling as seeing Hamilton on stage, but it'll hold us over until the theaters re-open and the musical gets brought to movie theaters next year, and we'll take what we can get during these dark times. We can't wait to see what John Krasinski has up his sleeve for next week.