'Strange Brew' And 'SCTV' Hosers Bob & Doug McKenzie Immortalized As Statues In Edmonton, Canada

Canada is known for giving us maple syrup and Ryan Reynolds, not to mention their undying love for hockey and inexplicably endless politeness. But when I think of Canada, there are two lovable hosers that come to mind, and that's beer-chugging, hockey-loving brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie, played by Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis in both the Canadian sketch comedy series SCTV (or Second City Television) and the cult classic comedy feature film Strange Brew. Now the knuckleheads from the Great White North have been immortalized as statues in Edmonton, Canada.

Here's the reveal of the Bob and Doug McKenzie statues revealed by the Edmonton Journal:

The Bob and Doug McKenzie statues were created by Canadian sculptor Ritchie Velthuis in conjunction with the non-profit SCTV Monument Committee, and Calgary's Bronzart Casting, along with input from Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis themselves.

Dave Thomas made a statement about the statues for both he and Rick Moranis, telling the Edmonton Journal:

"Rick and I were both surprised and honoured at these statues of the McKenzie brothers. Despite the time that has passed, we both hold dear the memories of working at the ITV Studios on Allard Way Northwest with the rest of the cast and the Edmonton folks who worked behind the scenes on the SCTV show with us. We all became lifelong friends, and share a lot of memories. So, in that way, these statues really memorialize that experience and the folks from Edmonton and the other cast members of SCTV who worked on the show."

Thomas and Moranis were meant to be in Edmonton for the unveiling of the statues, but the two find themselves stuck in Los Angeles and New York respectively, and with the coronavirus outbreaks so bad there, travel was simply not an option at this time. But Thomas fully intends to make a visit:

"As soon as travel is allowed, we will return to Edmonton to see these statues in person."

If you're ever in the area, you can check out the statues on 103 Street and 103 Avenue in Edmonton, Cananda.