Cool Stuff: 'Ghostbusters' Ecto Goggles Prop Replica May Help You See Spooks, Spectres, And Ghosts

While Hasbro is unveiling a whole new line of Ghostbsuters action figures and bringing back The Real Ghostbusters figures from decades ago, the folks at Hollywood Collectibles are delivering prop replicas inspired by the real gear the boys in beige use to bust spooks, spectres, and ghosts. Their latest addition is a Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles prop replica, modeled after the same set worn by Dr. Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd), allowing him to easily spot ghosts that need to be trapped. Check them out below.

Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles Replica

Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles Prop Replica

Here's the official description of the Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles replica from Hollywood Collectibles:

Ecto Goggles are designed to allow the wearer to see invisible ghosts and visually track P.K.E. valences.

We are proud to present the next in our highly anticipated line of Officially Licensed Ghostbusters Prop Replicas...the Ecto Goggles!

Every part of this amazingly detailed life- size replica has been painstakingly recreated, and comes complete with a 14" x 14" themed display stand.  This is a companion piece to our popular Ghost Trap Prop Replica.

As with all Hollywood Collectibles pieces, this Museum quality Prop Replica is constructed of the finest materials, and then meticulously hand painted and authentically weathered.

You can either buy the regular version of the Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles prop replica, limited to an edition of 500, for the price of $399.95. Or you can pay the same price for a more exclusive version with an edition of 150, which comes with a numbered metal plaque. We're not sure how much more valuable that will make them in the long run, but there you go.

Strap these on when you head off to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife this summer on July 10, 2020.