Krispy Kreme Is Releasing 'Rick And Morty' Doughnuts, But You'll Have A Hard Time Getting Them

Krispy Kreme is now selling Rick and Morty doughnuts and a special milkshake inspired by the Adult Swim animated series. They include a Pickle Rick doughnut that thankfully doesn't taste like pickles, and you can even get your hands on some Strawberry Smiggles without cutting open the gut of a leprechaun. However, there's an unfortunate catch that might keep you from enjoying the delicious taste of Rick and Morty doughnuts.

Here are all the Rick and Morty doughnuts and the special milkshake being offered by Krispy Kreme:

  • Pickle Rick: lemon filling, green-colored white chocolate icing, and a green-colored white chocolate Pickle Rick
  • Simple Rick's Wafer Cookie: vanilla filling, strawberry icing, and white chocolate and wafer disc
  • Strawberry Smiggles: strawberry filling, white chocolate icing, mini marshmallows, meringue pieces, and sprinkles
  • Fleeb Juice Shake: made with raspberry and blue heaven (a mix of vanilla and raspberry) syrup
  • Now here's the official Krispy Kreme website with the bad news:

    New Rick & Morty Krispy Kreme doughnuts are out now in Australia and New Zealand!

    Of all the realities Rick and Morty could possibly stumble upon, ours is the most delicious!

    We have found the perfect ingredients to create dimension-defying flavours. From some of our favourite episodes, we bring you the Simple Rick's Wafer Cookie Doughnut, the Strawberry Smiggles Doughnut, and the Pickle Rick Doughnut (From a reality where pickles taste like lemon crème and white choc!)

    That's right, these Rick and Morty doughnuts are only available in Australia and New Zealand. But if you happen to live in that region, you can get them until March 16 or while supplies last. And considering how crazy fans went when McDonald's relaunched their Szechuan sauce, the rush on these will probably be pretty extreme, so all you Aussies and Kiwis better act fast to get them.