'Narcos: Mexico' Season 2: Diego Luna Struggles To Control His Drug Empire

It's been over a year since the first season of Narcos: Mexico debuted, taking us back to the 1980s when the Guadalajara drug cartel was just taking off, making way for a Mexican drug war. Now the Netflix series returns with a second season, and this time, Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna) is having some trouble keeping his drug empire under control. Making this even more difficult is the Americans in pursuit, including Scoot McNairy as DEA agent Walt Breslin, who was revealed to be the narrator of season one. Watch the Narcos: Mexico season 2 trailer below to see how the drug war is escalating.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Trailer

The first season saw Gallardo kill DEA agent Camarena (Michael Peña), which is why Walt Breslin (McNairy) is being brought in to handle the situation. He's in charge of Operation Layenda, the task force looking for whoever is responsible for Camarena's death, and he means business.

Corruption is all over the place in 1980s Mexico, making any semblance of control difficult for Gallardo. The drastic shifts in politics make it difficult to trust anyone, and that goes for both the Americans and Gallardo's drug cartel. That means we're probably looking at a hefty body count, and let's be honest, that's what we're really here for anyway. No one watches crime drama because selling illegal drugs is thrilling on its own. It's the danger that excites us.

Narcos: Mexico season 2 continues the story of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, now the Godfather of the first Mexican cartel – the Guadalajara cartel – as he struggles to maintain control, grow his empire, and reconcile the betrayals and sacrifices he had to make on his way to becoming El Padrino. As friction between the different "plazas" of his cartel rises, Felix's control over the situation slips. Meanwhile, the death of DEA agent Kiki Camarena at the hands of the cartel and corrupt politicians brings a hailstorm of retribution to Mexico. "Operation Leyenda" led by the dogged DEA agent Walt Breslin, whose methods aren't always by-the-book, targets Felix Gallardo and his chief lieutenants, adding to the instability and volatility of the cartel.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 arrives on Netflix on February 13, 2020.