Josh Gad Spoiled 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker' For Himself By Visiting The Set

Josh Gad, the star of Frozen, Pixels and Murder on the Orient Express, has famously been bugging Star Wars franchise star Daisy Ridley to reveal the secrets of the new trilogy before the movies were released. His most recent attempt even involved bringing in some of Disney's most valuable players in an attempt to learn everything he could before the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But it turns out, the biggest secret of the movie was already spoiled for Josh Gad when he visited the set in London.

Josh Gad Spoiled Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for Himself

Josh Gad is clearly a big Star Wars fan, and under normal circumstances, being invited to the set by his friend Daisy Ridley would have been a real treat. But since Gad was busy filming in London himself, shooting the upcoming adaptation of Artemis Fowl, he kept having to put it off. However, director J.J. Abrams gave permission for Gad to come on the last day of filming, and the scene in question ended up having the biggest spoiler of the finale. Hell, it's the biggest spoiler of the entire new trilogy.

As explained in the interview on Conan above, on the day that Josh Gad visited the set (which was closed off to anyone who wasn't working on it), Ian McDiarmid was shooting as the resurrected Emperor Palpatine, which was probably a surprise in of itself. But then Gad hears him confirm that Rey is his granddaughter. As Gad puts it, "I was fuckin' pissed!" He compared it to arriving on the set of The Sixth Sense and immediately learning that Bruce Willis is dead the entire time.

Gad is clearly playing up his frustrations a bit for comedy, but as a big Star Wars fan, it would be somewhat frustrating to learn something like that on set instead of with the rest of the audience. However, in this case, the theory of Rey being a descendant of Palpatine was a popular one, and many audience members probably weren't as surprised because of that. Honestly, the most annoying thing would be having to keep that secret for a year and a half until everyone else sees the movie.

You can currently catch Josh Gad on the HBO comedy series Avenue 5, and Frozen 2 arrives on home video in February.