'Galaxy Quest' Honest Trailer: One Of The Best 'Star Trek' Films Ever

Over the years, Star Trek movies have been hit or miss. In fact, the inconsistency in their quality is so significant that Galaxy Quest is largely considered by Trekkies to be one of the best Star Trek movies ever made. After all, it's a movie following the washed up stars of a Star Trek-style series who get hired to play real heroes, only to disappoint an entire alien race and then save the day by actually becoming the heroes they played on TV. Yeah, Galaxy Quest got complicated fast, and they didn't even introduce a whole alternate timeline. Watch the Galaxy Quest Honest Trailer for more.

Galaxy Quest Honest Trailer

For some reason, back in 1999, Galaxy Quest was marketed as a screwball comedy akin to Spaceballs. But this is actually a clever satire of Star Trek with a fantastic ensemble cast. It's garnered quite a big following in the 20 years since it was released, so much that there was a Galaxy Quest sequel TV series being considered for development by Amazon. Unfortunately, we haven't heard much about the series in a couple years, so it might be dead in the water.

One of the most interesting pieces of trivia is that Galaxy Quest was actually shot as a comedy geared towards adults rather than the whole family. That's why Tony Shalhoub's performance seems so odd throughout the movie. His character was originally a drug addict, which explains why he's not phased at all by any of the space travel stuff.

Another remnant of the more adult comedy angle can be seen rather plainly in a certain sequence with Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver. When the two come upon an obstacle they have to navigate, Weaver's character says "Screw that!" But if you watch her lips, she is clearly saying, "Fuck that!" but the line has been dubbed to be more family friendly. See if you can spot any other weird details from the change in audience focus.