Baby Yoda Gets The Adorable Funko POP You've Been Waiting For, Including A Nearly Life-Size Version

The first toys of The Mandalorian character known as Baby Yoda won't arrive until next spring, but that's not stopping us from squealing for joy at the sight of one of the first items fans will be able to get their hands on in 2020. Hot on the heels of the cute plush toy revealed earlier this week, the first Funko POP of Baby Yoda has been revealed, and there's even a 10-inch version that comes pretty close to being life-size. Check it out below.

Baby Yoda Funko POP

Baby Yoda Funko POP

The Funko POP line of collectible vinyl figures from various sects of pop culture is known for giving their characters big black eyes (sometimes with varying colors depending in the character). In this case, Baby Yoda himself already has big dark eyes that he hasn't properly grown into yet, so the traditional Funko POP design is almost indistinguishable from Baby Yoda's natural appearance. Honestly, we're not sure if Funko did much of anything to adapt the character to the POP style, but that's just fine with us.

However, what we really need is some kind of Funko POP two-pack that includes The Mandalorian standing alongside a miniature version of Baby Yoda inside his levitating eggshell container. That would be the cutest damn thing ever.

Again, the bad news is that the Baby Yoda Funko POP won't be available until sometime in the early spring next year. There are some other officially licensed merchandise options available in the meantime (as well as some Etsy options too), but we're looking forward to seeing what other toys bring the little guy to life. Surely Hot Toys will have a life-size version sometime down the line. We're sure there will be plenty of options for Baby Yoda to sit on your shelf.