Listen: Taylor Swift's Original 'Cats' Song 'Beautiful Ghosts' Is Out Of The Bag

Even though it seems like Cats might not arrive in time to meet the deadline of several voting bodies this awards season, Taylor Swift won't have any problem qualifying for a hopeful Oscar nomination early next year. The chart-topping recording artist has officially released the original song that she worked on with the musical's original composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. It's called "Beautiful Ghosts," and I don't know if it's just me, but is Taylor Swift putting on a bit of a British accent during parts of this song? Listen to the Taylor Swift Cats song below and see what you think.

Taylor Swift Cats Song - "Beautiful Ghosts"

There are certain "A" and "O" sounds that are pronounced as if Taylor Swift has a slight British accent. Words like "chances" and "dazzling" and "nothing" have a small trace of a British accent. That would make sense with the story of Cats taking place in London. However, Entertainment Weekly says this version of the song will only play over the credits because Swift's character doesn't sing it in the movie. Instead, it's Francesca Hayward as Victoria who sings the song in the movie, and Judi Dench does a reprise of it later on.

British accent aside, the song will have Taylor Swift eligible for an Oscar. But she'll have a little bit of stiff competition with Frozen 2 also bringing some new original songs to the table, and the first movie took home the Oscar for Best Original Song with that earworm "Let It Go."

It's a good time for Taylor Swift to release new music as her old catalog finds itself in a state of flux. Swift has been fighting with Big Machine Label Group founder Scott Borhcetta and music manager Scooter Braun for "exercising tyrannical control" over her music, including all the hits that made her the huge star she is today. The two acquired the rights to the master recordings of her songs and they're essentially holding them hostage unless Swift plays nice with their demands. Swift recently posted about the ongoing matter on Twitter, and it sounds like quite the show business debacle:

At the very least, she can take solace in knowing that they can't do anything about the original song she wrote for Cats. So if she can't perform some of her old hits when she accepts that Artist of the Decade award, she can sing "Beautiful Ghosts" instead.

Otherwise, Cats arrives in theaters starting on December 20, 2019.